Speech Prompter 

Presidential Teleprompter and President Obama

Presidential Teleprompter

Standard Prompter

Teleprompter with camera and lens.

Standard Gold Plate Prompter

Standard Teleprompter

Standard “through -the lens”  unit  –   Please call Bill at: 917-414-5489 or Parm at: 646-617-6535




New York’s Teleprompter/Autocue Rental Service:

“Through-the-Lens”  Teleprompter Unit –  delivered with professional operator:  $645  


21" Master "through the lens" Unit

21″ Master “through the lens” Unit


This is the typical model which goes on the main camera tripod.   However, it can also be mounted separately and moved in front or to the side of the camera.  It’s used both in studio and in location photography.  These units also allow for the mirror and shroud to be repositioned directly above the lens of the camera.  This is sometimes done to accommodate very wide lenses, 18mm and wider, that might vignette in the prompter.



Here’s a list of Teleprompter & Interrotron Operators in the NY Metro Area.

Presidential  Teleprompterdelivered with professional operator: $825


Presidential Prompter

Presidential Teleprompter


The Presidential Teleprompter aka “Speech Teleprompter” or simply “Speech Prompter”  consists of two glass panels mounted on thin metal risers placed on either side of the speaker.    The audience sees through the glass but the speaker sees his/her copy as it scrolls to follow his speech.

Am certain you’ve seen seen this type of prompter being used by President Obama and in fact every president since Hoover!  using this.  Nixon relied on it as does our current president.  It minimizes errors even by the best speakers.

We have used our unit with Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Beyoncé, Hugh Jackman, Liam Neeson, dignitaries at the United Nations, Fortune 50 Executives and literally hundreds of A list talent.

The text is projected on the two glass plates suspended at eye level (see image above).   The audience can see right through the glass but the speaker sees the text scrolling on the other side.  It is then easy for the speaker to keep perfect eye contact with the audience while never missing a line of  the speech.

This presidential unit is good for speakers who are standing a podium.  But when the speaker needs to roam about the stage area, a confidence monitor is often used (see below),


Platinum Presidential Teleprompter delivered with professional operator – $1295


This is functionally similar to the unit above but has remotely controlled glass panels which can be raised or lowered from a remote control unit.


At live functions, where more than one speaker is to use the device, it is impractical to have an assistant scurry out onto the stage to readjust the height of the two panels in the middle of a performance.   With the Platinum System, the operator sets the right height for each speaker in advance and then with the push of a button, the two panels  slide up or down to adjust for the perfect eye-line for everyone.


This saves the uncomfortable, unprofessional pause while a stage hand rushes out to readjust the height of the two glass panels.


Battery-powered  21″ Master Series – delivered with professional operator: $795


Also called a “daylight unit”.   For outdoor use, where there is no AC available, we can supply a unit powered by batteries.  Note: our daylight units also have extra bright monitors.   Depending on lighting conditions and the position of the camera, it is often advisable to have a C stand and flag to prevent direct sunlight hitting the lens.

We can also power this unit via an inverter through a plug into the cigarette lighter in a car.


Daylight, battery powered prompter set up - Central Park - Sonima promo.

Daylight, battery-powered setup.


Confidence Monitordelivered with professional operator – $595+



A Confidence Monitor rigged for stage placement

A Confidence Monitor aka “Rock ‘n Roll Monitor” rigged for stage placement.


Confidence monitors have many uses.  Musicians and singers often use several of them (often called Rock ‘n Roll Monitors” placed at the edge of the stage and angled up so the talent can see their lyrics or speech copy.

They can replace or supplant a presidential teleprompter.  If the speaker needs to roam around the stage the confidence monitor is the way to go.

They are also used both that way and at eye level at the sides of the stage or at the back of the house for speakers who don’t want to be tied down to one spot.  With strategically placed confidence monitors, a speaker can roam the entire stage or even descend into the audience and still have the “confidence” he will remember his /her lines.


Interrotron Mark IV Systemdelivered with professional operator:  $795


Intrrotron Mark IV logo

Intrrotron Mark IV

This system allows both director and talent to look directly at each other’s face so as to have a relaxed, natural “conversation” on camera.

It was invented by Academy Award-winning documentarian, Errol Morris.

It’s often used with children and non professional actors.

 You can see several videos about this device here.   

At this time we have the only Interrotron Mark IV HD units in North America.



The Interrotron is like a closed circuit TV system.  It allows director/interviewer and talent/interviewee to literally have an intimate “face to face” conversation.  The talent looks into a modified teleprompter which projects the director’s face on the monitor instead of text.  In turn, the director sits in front of a similar unit out of eyesight of the talent.

So, instead of staring into the cold eye of a camera lens, non professional talent can have a “conversation” with the director.  This tends to take the “terror” out of the “Interrogation” hence the name Interrotron. (Actually coined by Morris’s wife).

Additionally, with the Interrotron, both parties can communicate by body language not just verbally.  This makes for a more complete connection between director and interviewee.  The results are amazing.  The director often gets what he needs on the very first take.  The relaxed honesty of the communication makes for a great interview.

A welcome side effect is that the talent’s eye-line is always preserved given that talent is always looking directly at the director’s face in the glass behind the lens.   And at the end of the shot the talent continues to look right at camera and does not glance wildly off in search of the director for approval.

In most cases, directors report they got better material in a third of the time.

This makes producers smile.




Wireless SteadiCam Teleprompting Systemdelivered with professional operator:  $695

It can also be used as a Ronan Teleprompter

 The SteadiCam requires a unit light enough to preserve balance, yet with a monitor large enough for the talent to read while moving.   Ideally it should be battery-powered and wireless so the operator is not encumbered by trailing cables.

This is not unreliable Bluetooth or WiFi technology but uses a powerful, dedicated transmitter/receiver that allows the operator to prompt from as far away as 300 feet.

The unit does not rely on heavy batteries but is powered directly from your SteadiCam.

We have such a wireless Steadicam unit which can also work very well on a jib.   We can give you a jib unit with a larger monitor so the text can be read more easily by the talent.

We can ship the unit anywhere.  It fits in a small, rugged, waterproof Pelican 1500 case.


Rental of above units includes both delivery and professional operator.


Given our proximity to all boroughs, Connecticut, Westchester, and to Newark, NJ, we can send our units anywhere in the surrounding Metropolitan area.

NJ Performing Arts Center, Newark

NJ Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ


We are less than half an hour from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in downtown Newark, New Jersey.  As you might know, it is one of the largest such centers in the country and offers an incredible arts education program envied by other cities.  It is located in the cultural district which boasts of the Newark Museum, the New Jersey Historical Society, the Newark Public Library etc.


Newark has in the last twenty years or so put its tragic past to rest.  NJPAC is given credit for being an important element in the continuing revitalization of what was once a depressing area.  We at Teleprompterrental.com have provided prompters for various events at these locations.


We continue to service Brooklyn at many of its well known venues, most notably the Barclays Center.


Barclays Center - Brooklyn

Barclays Center – Brooklyn







We have been serving the Greater Metropolitan area for years – that is to say, we have experience and that means you can rely on us.  We can deal with any situation.  Our operators are totally professional and passionate about their work.  They take pride in providing you with the means to make your project a success.


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Front view of prompter

Standard ” through the lens” teleprompter.