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 Our Teleprompter and Interrotron rentals come with a professional operator, laptop, software.




Interrotron Rental


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Intrrotron Mark IV is pleased to offer the first Interrotron Mark IV HD units available in North America.  At the present time, we have three  in NYC and two in Hollywood.  More are expected shortly.  If you live outside these areas, we can ship a Mark III to you with an operational video.


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The new Mark  III  unit is 4K ready and is really more desirable to use with the Red, Alexa F35, C300 and other high end cameras.  Now the director really sees just what the lens of the camera sees in full HD resolution and quality not standard definition composite as in virtually every other machine.


We offer our prompter services nationwide and are already in several major cities.  We are fully capable of resolving any technical problem should it ever arise.  Our professional, experienced operators can fix or get a back up part or a whole new unit in no time.

You will never be “out of luck”.

You can trust us to deliver on our promise to make your project run smoothly.  We know that it must be completed on time and within your budget.  We are aware that your time is precious and that you need to get it right the first time around.  Give us a chance to work with you.


Call Bill Milling  at:  917-414-5489 or toll free at 1-800-811-7805.


We will provide the right unit for your needs at the right price.


We are a full service company, not an individual owner-operator.  That is why we can help overcome Murphy’s law  “…anything that can go wrong will go wrong…”   Your shoot is too important to depend on one person and one prompter and one laptop.  In most cases that works out just fine… until it doesn’t.


You deserve the dependability of a reliable company that can supply you with a back up unit or replacement glass or laptop.  We have dozens of highly trained operators to help you in an emergency.  And we have several locations in the heart of the most “prompter intensive” areas of  Manhattan.


Because we are a true “tri-coastal company” with  offices in New York, Hollywood, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Miami, as well as Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco and Las Vegas, you can get consistent,  professional-quality service.  The same high end machines and advanced software can be found in all locations.


Actually, we are opening offices in other cities all the time and plan to be a truly national company before long.


Please call to ask about franchise possibilities.

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Our clients like the idea that they can count on us for so many different types of prompting devices.  We can set you up with a Presidential or a daylight battery powered rig, a confidence monitor or an Errol Morris style Interrotron.

In fact, we are the first in the nation to have the new Interrotron Mark IV HD.


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Intrrotron Mark IV


Prompter in right foreground  with TV studio in the background

Prompter in Studio



Presidential Prompter Rental 


image of President Obamaa at teleprompter.

Presidential Teleprompter


We can set you up for your next live event with a Presidential Prompter aka Speech Prompter.  This unit is the same as the one President Obama uses. (In fact, we have prompted for First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman, Tina Fey and a host of other celebrity, business and political figures).


Teleprompter Technical Support

Tech support is often not considered as the renter often assumes that every operator is also a skilled technician. While this is sometimes the case, we feel it should always be so.  Most shoots are very simple and straight forward. And when everything is going well, virtually any competent operator can handle things, but when it doesn’t go well, you need to have someone on the case to get your shoot back on track with minimal lost production time.

Technology seems to change with the speed of lighting.  You deserve a company with professional operators capable of addressing tech issues immediately so you can get back to work.

Additionally,  we are a company, not an individual owner-operator so if the operator in thef ield can’t solve a problem, he or she can call our back up crew.




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Trish Milling, Producer


If Trish is out playing when you call – there are grown-ups who can take care of your needs.  They’ve got their hands on the teleprompter and are ready to go!

Call Bill at: 917-414-5489 for…

24/7 Emergency Teleprompter Service. offers 24/7 emergency service  9117-414-5489




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Teleprompter Rental  

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Top Ten Teleprompter Tips

1.  It is the speaker, not the operator, that sets the speed of the prompter  Our prompter operators are trained to  keep pace with the talent. The idea is that that the speaker can concentrate on delivery not memorization.  He/she needs not think about pacing.    They should just try and relax.  Then speak at a normal pace.  The operator will follow.  When the speaker pauses, the operator will pause.

2. Talk to the operator!  Should there be something that you would like changed in the text  just let your  prompter technician know.  They can edit the copy immediately on their laptop computer.  They can make the type larger or smaller. Should you wish they can make hard to pronounce  words  spelled phonetically or just abbreviated  Your  operator is there to help you!

3. Be as natural as possible.  It’s not easy… but it really helps the speaker seem more believable if the speaker uses a conversational tine.  It is said that the fear that most humans have is speaking in public.  By adopting a natural tone and relaxed stance you convey a sense of power and mastery of your subject.

4. Know your material. The more time you spend going over your copy, the more natural you’re going to appear to your audience. This lets you use the prompter as a safety net instead of relying on following it for every single word. Just glance at the script when you need to and look at your audience when you feel confidant of the text.

5. Project energy!   Naturally there are some somber tops that require you take a very subdued tone,  However, as a general rule the more energy you can manage to project the more you will connect with and influence your audience.  This especially true when you are speaking directly to camera. The camera actually appears to tone down the your energy level, so by being more upbeat than might feel natural at first with hit’s usually best to be a little more upbeat and positive than may feel natural. Trust me, the camera loves it.

6. Speak directly  into the lens. When you’re using a camera mounted prompter, you’ll want your talent to maintain eye contact with the lens, which is just behind the glass. In order to help do this, the prompter operator will show what place they are putting their cue point to keep pace with the speaker. Generally this will be in the center of the glass, and not at the top. That way they can keep the eye-line directly in front of the lens.

7. Practice really makes a big difference.  Even if your speaker is experienced with reading from a prompter  it make good sense to arrange for  as mush rehearsal time as possible .   It pays to have your talent and operator have the time to get in synch.  The can try different type sizes, font styles and colors, and format the text for easiest legibility

8.  Chose the best prompter sizeThis is like Goldilocks.  The screen size needs to be not too bog, not too small but just right.  Too big results in the reader’s eyes seen to move back and forth as in a tennis match.  Too small and the  talent will squint into the camera.

9. Try your best to RelaxThe prompter is there to make your life easier not harder.  It removes the burden of  trying to memorize  all that copy and lets you  concentrate on communicating your copy in the most effective way possible.

10  Have Fun…  Be confident and take time to breathe deeply. If you “ad lib”  or stray form the script.  No problem, the prompter will be there when you return.  If you stop, it will wait.

Remember that this is so much easier than trying to memorize all that copy.

Think of the time you’re saving.


 212-219-1075 * 1-800-811-7805


Teleprompter on Set for Nasacort commercial

Teleprompter on  Nasacort commercial