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Teleprompter with camera and lens.

Standard Gold Plate Teleprompter




 Our Teleprompters, Presidential Teleprompters and Interrotrons come with a professional operator, laptop and software.

We are celebrity friendly.



Complete Interrotron Rental Service


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We are pleased to offer the first Interrotron Mark IV 4K units available in North America.  At the present time, we have three in NYC and two in Hollywood.  It comes with Blackmagic 4K camera and quality lens in the director’s unit.   It can be easily swapped for virtually any high end camera.

More 4K units are expected very soon.  If you live outside these areas, we can ship an EyeDirect to you with an operational video.


Arie Ohayon seated behind the new Interrotron Mark II Eye Direct in operation with Arie Ohayon, DP in American Movie Company NY studio

Arié Oháyon, Interrotron, EyeDirect Technician


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The new Mark IV Interrotron unit is 4K.  It works well with the RED Dragon/Weapon, Alexa, F35, C300 and other high end cameras.


Teleprompter with camera and long lens at Telepromper Rental


The director sees what the lens of the camera sees in full HD resolution and quality.

We offer teleprompter services nationwide.  We are fully capable of resolving any technical problem should it ever arise.  Our professional, experienced operators can fix or get a backup part or a whole new unit in no time.



You can trust us to deliver on our promise to make your project run smoothly.  We know that it must be completed on time and within your budget.

We are aware that your time is precious and that you need to get it right the first time around.

Give us a chance to work with you.


Call Bill Milling  at:  917-414-5489 or toll free at 1-800-811-7805.


We will provide the right Teleprompter, Interrotron, Presidential Prompter, IPad Prompter, iPhone Prompter, Confidence Monitor, EyePrompter or EyeDirect for your needs at the right price.

We are a full-service Teleprompter Company, not an individual owner-operator.  You can rely on us to deal quickly with any unexpected problem.

You deserve the dependability of a reliable company that can supply you with a backup unit or replacement glass or laptop.  We have dozens of highly trained operators to help you in an emergency.  We have several locations in the heart of  Manhattan.

To re-iterate, we are a true “Tricoastal Teleprompter Company” with  offices in New York, Hollywood, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, etc.

You will get consistent,  professional quality service .  The same high end machines and advanced software can be found at all locations. Interroton Mark III on tripod with Arriflex camera and large lens

Interroton Mark III


Our clients appreciate that they can count on us for so many different types of prompting devices.

We can set you up with a Presidential Prompter (aka “Speech Teleprompter” ) or a Daylight Battery-powered Prompter, a Confidence Monitor or an Interrotron made famous by the documentarian Errol Morris. .

We are the first in the nation to have the new Interrotron Mark IV HD.


Intrrotron Mark IV logo

Interrotron Mark IV HD



Presidential Teleprompter Rental


We can set you up for your next live event with a Presidential Teleprompter aka Speech Prompter.  This unit is the same as the one President Obama usually uses.  We have prompted for First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Liam Neeson, Hugh Jackman, Tina Fey and a host of other celebrity, business and political figures.


Teleprompter Rental Technical Support

Tech support is often not considered as the renter usually assumes that every operator is also a skilled technician. While this is sometimes the case, we feel it should always be so.  Most shoots are very simple and straightforward. And when everything is going well, virtually any competent operator can handle things, but when it doesn’t go well, you need to have someone on the case to get your shoot back on track with minimal lost production time.

Technology seems to change with the speed of light.  You deserve a company with professional operators capable of addressing tech issues immediately so you can get back to work.

It bears repeating,  we are a company, not an individual owner-operator, so if the operator in the field can’t solve a problem, he or she can call our backup crew.




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We have Teleprompter operators eager to work!

Feel free to call Bill at: 917-414-5489 for more information or to schedule a tour of our studio. offers 24/7 emergency service  917-414-5489


Toll Free 1-800-811-7805


Top Ten Teleprompter Tips

1.  It is the speaker, not the operator, that sets the speed of the prompterOur prompter operators are trained to  keep pace with the talent. The idea is that the speaker can concentrate on delivery not memorization.  He/she needs not think about pacing. They should just try and relax and speak at a normal pace.  The operator will follow.  When the speaker pauses, the operator will pause also.

2. Talk to the operator.  Should there be something that you would like changed in the text  just let your  prompter technician know.  He/she can edit the copy immediately on the laptop.  The type can be made larger or smaller.  Should you wish, the operator can spell hard to pronounce words phonetically or abbreviate them.  The operator is there to help you!

3. Be as natural as possible.  It’s not easy, but it really helps the speaker seem more believable if he/she uses a conversational tone.  It is a widely held belief that most people have a fear of speaking in public.  By adopting a natural tone and relaxed stance you convey a sense of power and mastery of your subject.

4. Know your material. The more time you spend going over your copy, the more natural you’re going to appear to the audience. This lets you use the Prompter as a safety net instead of relying on following it for every single word. Just glance at the script when you need to and look at your audience when you feel confident with the text.

5. Project energy.  Naturally, there are some somber topics that require you to assume a subdued tone.   However, as a general rule the more energy you can manage to project, the more you will connect with and influence your audience.  This is especially true when you are speaking directly to the camera.  It actually appears to tone down your energy level, so by being more upbeat than might feel natural is actually a good thing. Trust me, the camera loves it.

6. Speak directly  into the lens. When using a camera mounted prompter, you’ll want your talent to maintain eye contact with the lens, which is just behind the glass. In order to facilitate this, the prompter operator will indicate where the cue point is in order to keep pace with the speaker. Generally, this will be in the center of the glass, and not at the top. That way they can keep the eye-line directly in front of the lens.

7. Practice really makes a big difference.  Even if your speaker is experienced at reading from a prompter, it makes good sense to arrange for as much rehearsal time as possible.   It pays to have your talent and operator have the time to get in sync.  They can try different type sizes, font styles and colors, and format the text for greater legibility.

8.  Choose the best prompter sizeThis reminds me of Goldilocks.  The screen size needs to be not too big, not too small, but just right.  Too big results in the reader’s eyes seem to move back and forth as in a tennis match.  Too small and the  talent will squint at the camera.

9. Try your best to relaxThe prompter is there to make your life easier.  It removes the burden of  trying to memorize all that copy and lets you  concentrate on communicating  in the most effective way possible.

10  Have Fun.  Be confident and take time to breathe deeply.  If you “ad lib”  or stray form the script, no problem, the prompter will help you resume where you left off!

Remember that using a Teleprompter is much easier than trying to memorize all that copy.


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