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A Robotic Presidential Teleprompter is a device that displays an electronic visual text of a speech or script to the speaker. It is a highly professional way to prepare for prestigious speaking engagements. The operator can change the height of the stands from a distance using programming or our software.

The Presidential teleprompter is known as the Speech View system. The prompter, which was hidden in the base, showed the speaker what was written on the glass, while the audience looked through the glass and couldn’t see the writing. Two of these prompters, one on the speaker’s right and one on his left, allow him to switch from one to the other and appear to speak to the entire audience.

Presidential Prompter 6

A screen on either side of the speaker commonly displays mirrored text from floor monitors facing up at the base of a stand with a one-way mirror angled down towards the screen at the top. The speaker can see the text on the screen reflected in the mirror. The audience can see what appears to be a sheet of tinted glass on each side of the speaker.

Joe Biden Presidential Teleprompter
Michael Gonzalez sets up Presidential Teleprompter

Adjust the Presidential Prompter’s height to match the size of your speakers. Then, move the units out of the way so you can get a clear photo or video of the speaker.

Andrew Hebert
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