Models Freak Me Out a Bit



Candice Armond LA Prompter OP at

Candice Armond LA Prompter OP

I mean, models lovely, but they are weird people

Doing a gig for a hair dye, or coloring as the hair people call it, today. Everything is going swell, and the talent read off the prompter well enough for being some kind of hair celebrity.

The model though, kinda freaks me out. Not in a I’m going to run away scared way, but in a ‘how do you look like this way?’

Her face is beautiful, it’s very full, she has great cheeks, high cheek bones, and lips that are full but not fake plump.

It’s her weird skinny body that’s off.

I shouldn’t see the ribs connecting to the sternum. Should I? Her arms are just the bones.

I’ve worked during fashion week, and thought I was used to models, but I guess not. Maybe it’s because this studio is very bright, and fashion week lighting is quite selective on what it shows.

She’s a lovely girl, and is going to look great in this video. But I don’t think that everyone should be fawning over her “loveliness” as the ladies on set are.

Being a model is a weird job. Your job is to look good. How crazy is that?! I think you’d have to accept that your “shelf life” so to speak is limited, and you’d try to get as much work as possible in a short time.

I’ve acted with some former male models, and they told me that it’s a very boring life.

I can see that here. She is only her to look pretty, say one very short line, then have her hair colored. Smile for the cameras?

I know I mostly just push buttons on set, sometimes I get to have real fun and edit copy or speech coach, but I’m still “doing” more than she is. I think I would be incredibly bored if I was a model. Still, I would gladly do that instead of wait tables.


Never again.

Models are people too, we must remember this.



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