The Presidential Teleprompter has become extremely popular because of our president’s widely noted skillful use of the device. Public speakers everywhere, including diplomats, Fortune 500 execs, politicians and ordinary people, have discovered its potential to help them relax, get their mind off trying to memorize text and just focus on just delivering a great speech. Until now there were no teleprompters, not to mention Presidential Prompters in the beach communities.

Candice Rankin and Rachel Jolley are two accomplished Venice Beach residents who are using their knowledge of the film and televison business to set up their own Teleprompter Rental Service. Call them now at 917-414-5489.

They will deliver and professionally operate: Presidential Prompters, Standard and Pro Prompters, Battery Powered Prompters,Steadicam Prompters, and  iPad Prompters in the extended LA , San Diego and Santa Barbara metro areas. Rachel and Candice are experiences actresses and talented Executive Speech Coaches.

Welcome A local franchise of the national prompter rental source  American Movie Company (  and it’s subsidiaries: and And in New York and

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