The Advantages of Using Interrotron in Documentary Video Production

What is an interrotron?

An interrotron is a teleprompter that displays the director’s face rather than the script. With an Interrotron rental, talent can have face-to-face conversations with the interviewer while simultaneously looking directly into the camera.


Who invented the Interrotron?

The Interrotron device was created by director Errol Morris (the film maker) to help him create his masterwork documentaries. Why do top documentary directors use the Interrotron? The Interrotron System is well known for its utility and much more because it improves footage quality and has been shown to save significant time.

Advantages of Using Interrotron


Creating a natural and smooth video production is challenging. Sometimes, there are videos where a subject seems to be reading from a teleprompter. Some subjects look nervous and have multiple eye movements, or their eyes are wandering around. The subject is uneasy, that is why the outcome seems scripted. How can we avoid these distractions? How can we address these concerns?

By using an interrotron, it is possible to create a natural, smooth, and better documentary video production. What is an interrotron, and what are the advantages of using one nowadays?

Here are some of the advantages of using Interrotron in documentary video production:

It creates a relaxed environment. The interviewee can look directly at their interviewer’s face instead of through a swarm of crew members and icy camera lenses. A comfortable and warm mood is often guaranteed when communication is simple and direct.

The interviewer can detect the talent’s motions as well as expressions and facial reactions.

The director’s monitor allows not only eye contact with the subject but also viewing of the exact framing, focus, and aspect ratio that the main camera is getting during the recording.

It makes your subject confident in facing camera lens. Most of us have unusual feelings and are not confident enough in front of a camera lens. But using this variation of a teleprompter can ease those uncomfortable feelings.

It opens the possibility for a director to be able to ask an interviewee some questions without being in the same location.

It can save time and money.

It enables you to take shots of the highest quality for the first time.

It helps both parties remain attentive and maintain strong eye contact.

With Interrotron, the person being interviewed can see what the interviewer is trying to do and answer directly and correctly.

The overall product can hook the audience’s interest.

What if I don’t know how to set up and operate Interrotron?

The American Movie Company always wants the best for everyone. If you rent this device, we will send out a trained operator to set it up. Whenever we sent out regular units without an operator, they always came back broken. So, it’s not worth it to go through that. That’s why we made the smaller unit. It is very portable and fits in a very small case. These are complex devices and need trained operators. The Interrotron is delivered and operated by a professional technician. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about transportation or who will operate. We provide it for your convenience. The Interrotron can also function as a standard teleprompter and be switched in seconds by the operator.

If your goal is to have a better, smoother, and live documentary video production, Interrotron is all you need. As these benefits become increasingly apparent, interrotron rental rates are rising rapidly, especially among leading directors. What does an Interrotron cost to rent, and where can I get one? Feel free to contact or visit our official website.


Andrew Hebert
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