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Eva Guevara, Executive Speech Coach and Teleprompter Operator

My five year old niece, asked me the other day what was in the big box I’ve got stored in my closet.

I told her it was for my job, I’m a teleprompter operator, she asked me what that was, so I told her that I help people talk into the camera.

That sometimes people can’t remember all the words that they have to say so they call me and I arrive with my teleprompter and give them the hand they need.
She was blown away when I set it up and showed her how it worked. She told me that I had the coolest job in the world.


I get to go to Miami and Hollywood and bring her along!


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When the kids like what you do. And I do like what I do.

Teleprompters rock!


And I’m an Interrotron Tech as well



Eva Guevara, LA Speech Coach at

Eva Guevara, LA Speech Coach & Teleprompter Operator




Im a teleprompter operator in Los Angeles.

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