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By Amy Bursor, NYC Prompter Princess


Amy Bursor  Teleprompter Operator

Amy Bursor Teleprompter Operator


OK, so you have a video shoot coming up and you need a teleprompter.

But, you want the best price.

And so you tell your production assistant to go and get you a good deal on a really cheap teleprompter rental.

He/she goes on Google and searches for “Lowest Price on Teleprompter Rental” and finds you a really, really cheap price.

Why not go with it?


Amy Bursor, Prompter Princess

Amy Bursor, Prompter Princess –


Well… It could work out just fine.

Or not.  It could backfire!

Some production companies buy super cheap teleprompters and then get a PA to learn the basic free “no frills” software included and then…

 Voila! They become a teleprompter rental company.  And they get on the Internet and offer to rent you a teleprompter,  really, really cheap.



Interrotron at


Think about it.  You have just one chance to get it right.

You can go with us at, a national teleprompter service with “top of the line”  Teleprompters, (Autocues).   It becomes a question of cheap v. quality.  We will provide you with the best quality units, and fully featured software.  We do not scrimp on this.  What interests us is not “cheap” it is “expensive” if it means the best.  You will work with professional operators who have back up machines available  if  it becomes necessary to replace the teleprompter.

Or you can trust your project to the “cheap teleprompter dudes”.

Believe me, it makes a real difference where you rent.

Look, I am not forcing you to get your teleprompter, presidential teleprompter  aka speech teleprompter or Interrotron from us at  I am strongly suggesting you do rent from us!

But, if you don’t, make sure you do rent from a national teleprompter company like ours.  A single owner-operator may give you a cheap teleprompter rental rate.  But how do you put a price on having a professional, experienced operator/technician who can trouble shoot a broken unit?  You need someone who can call for back up parts, a new mirror or even get a fellow operator to rush over a replacement unit so your show can go on.

Your gig absolutely must to be good.  On time and on budget.

But again, you know that.  Consider all your options and choose us.

Feel free to call me, Amy Bursor, here for and forget all those come on’s like “Really Cheap Teleprompter Rental,” “Best Price on Teleprompter Rental” and  “Lowest Price on Teleprompter Rental. ” 

Deal with professionals.

Deal with us.

By the way , a while back we bought two of those really cheap teleprompters.   And, if you’re just using a teleprompter  ” in house” and you don’t need to fit it to different cameras, etc. – buying one of these might make good economic sense.

To recap:  Rent from a reliable source –

Or gamble with the dudes at… those sites which may be cheap but aren’t worth the risk.

Bet on

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Best Price Teleprompter Rental

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