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We have the following equipment available delivered and operated by an experienced professional.

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Teleprompter setup on roof

Standard Teleprompter Rental

Price: $945 for 10 Hour Day

Delivered with a professional operator.

The through-the-lens prompter is the most popular option amongst video productions. Its use has been recognized as an asset to any project. This unit achieves the effect of the talent looking directly into the camera while delivering his/her message. It also eliminates the need to memorize lines upon lines of a long script. Our operators work with the talent to make sure they are comfortable with the font and size of the text and can easily read it.  The operator also keeps pace with the speaker and pauses, speeds up or slows down accordingly.  Talent is in charge!

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DC Interrotron





Interrotron Mark III Rental Pair (Director’s Unit and Talent Unit)

Price: $1,195 – per day

Delivered with an experienced technician.

The Interrotron Mark III contains two separate units:

The Director’s Unit comes with its own camera, lens, tripod, hood, mirror, mounting plate and a professional 16 X 9 camera monitor.  It can accept any signal your camera outputs (HDMI, HD-SDI, Component, Composite).  This allows the director to not only have a “face-to-face” conversation with the talent but also allows him/her to judge framing, exposure, depth of field, focus, color saturation, etc.

The Talent Unit is built on a modified, professional teleprompter platform. It includes a large 16 X 9 full HD monitor, sized to correctly display a human face in the correct proportion.  Our sliding 15mm, double gold plate mounting system will easily accommodate any camera and, if desired, also support a zoom lens.

DC EyeDirect





Eye Direct Mark II Rental Washington, DC

Price: $250 – 24 hours a day | $750 a week

Available for in-office pickup and return only.

The EyeDirect functions like an Interrotron but uses a simple mirror system to achieve the effect of the talent seeing the director’s face in front of the lens.  

Presidential Teleprompter - DC Speech Monitor

Presidential Teleprompter Rental (aka Speech Prompter)

Price: $1,295/10 Hour Day

Delivered by a professional operator.      

The Presidential Prompter a.k.a. “Speech Prompter” is the standard device of choice for speaking to an audience from a podium. Every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower has used one.

It consists of two glass panels on thin steel rods which are positioned one on either side of the podium.  The audience can see right through the clear glass so the speaker’s face is not blocked from view, but he/she can clearly see the text reflected in the two-way mirrored glass.  For this reason, the device is sometimes called the “invisible teleprompter”.

We have prompted for every president since Gerald Ford with our Presidential Prompters. We are regularly called to the United Nations to prompt for visiting Heads of State.

Since this type of prompter is most commonly used for live productions, all of our skilled operators carry a backup laptop. He/she is also experienced in keeping up with talent (speeding up, slowing down and pausing the scroll as needed), even if the speaker strays off script.

DC Confidence Monitor

Confidence Monitor

Price: $945 for 10 Hour Day

The size and number of monitors varies depending on the venue and preference of the client.

 Two 19″ Monitors

One 32″ or 36″ Monitor on a low black stand

For larger monitors or unique setups, please call us at 646-340-6450

Delivered by a professional operator.

It’s common for most speakers to stand behind the podium, although some performers like to walk around the stage and at times actually go out into the audience itself.  In cases like this, we suggest you use one or more of our Confidence Monitors.  These are small, “flat screen” HD monitors which can receive any signal from teleprompter software.

The monitor can be placed on the stage floor, or on a rolling stand placed on or offstage. We can also provide “back of the house” monitors. These monitors are larger than those used on stage and are placed, as the name suggests, at the back of the room behind the audience.

DC EyePrompter - Green Screen background

EyePrompter / iPad Teleprompter Rental

Price: $295 – 24 Hours a day, and $885 a week | $95 without iPad

Available only for in-office pickup and return or shipping.

The iPad prompter is a good option for small shoots on a tight budget, and for student productions. The EyePrompter is one of the leading iPad prompter units on the market.  It is one piece, folds flat so it fits in a small briefcase (great for shipping) and unfolds ready for action in literally one minute and eleven seconds (yeah, we timed it).  It is important to note, however, that most iPad prompting software does not allow you to speed up, slow down or pause the script once scrolling begins – so the talent has to keep up with the pace of the unit.  This is yet another reason why rehearsal is so important.

The device sits on a small light stand or low C-stand.  (750 stud and stand are not included in rental). You can use any camera from a small prosumer camcorder to a huge professional rig with a very long lens.
More information on eyeprompt rental click here

Podium Teleprompter

Now there are cases where in spite of the fact that the Presidential Prompter is virtually invisible, the speaker still does not want the audience to suspect that he/she is using a teleprompter.  In that case we recommend a  “Podium Prompter”.  This consists of a thin “high bright” professional prompter monitor placed directly on the podium.  The wires are dressed inconspicuously down the inside of the podium and over to the operator hidden offstage.  

Note: As the Presidential Prompter is in two large rolling Pelican cases and the Podium Prompter is in one small briefcase, it’s cost effective to ship the podium prompter for venues where the budget is an issue or the local operator is not totally familiar with the more complex Presidential Prompter setup.  A local operator can easily connect the device (it’s a professional camera monitor with HDSDI, BNC, HDMI, Component and Composite inputs).  It has a VGA converter just in case.    The Podium Teleprompter is available in NYC and Hollywood but can be shipped anywhere.

Price:  $645 Podium Teleprompter

Delivered with a Professional Operator

Rise and Fall “Robotic” Presidential Prompter Pair

Presidential TeleprompterOccasionally, there is a need for several speakers to share the same podium at a live event.  They may be of varying heights so that the teleprompter may need to be adjusted up or down for each individual.  Having an assistant rush onstage to adjust the prompter height is not a good way to handle this.

Enter the Rise and Fall “Robotic” Presidential Teleprompter.   In rehearsal, our operator sets the height of the two glass “paddles” for optimum comfortable reading level for each speaker.  Then during the live event, he/she robotically adjusts the prompter height from a nearby location.

This unit is available in New York and San Francisco but can be shipped to other cities.  Our Manhattan robotic prompter has served Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nantucket, Newark, Atlantic City, Hartford, Westchester and the Hamptons.

Price: $1695 Rise and Fall “Robotic” Teleprompter

Pair Delivered with a Professional Operator

Emmy award-winning producer, Bill Milling

Bill Milling, CEO

Washington DC Confidence Monitor
President Obama and Presidential Prompter

President Obama and Presidential Prompter

Washington, DC has been helping politicians and normal folk deliver better, more interesting speeches for quite some time. Often, our services are required at various locations both inside and outside. We offer a variety of prompters, including Presidential Teleprompters (How apt is that?), Confidence Monitors, Battery-powered Teleprompters and even iPad prompters. We love this city. There’s never a dull moment.

And now, come with me and reflect on some fun facts.

Washington DC is an incredible city on many levels. It is unique in that the Constitution designated it as the nation’s capital. It houses the three branches of the federal government, as well as the Supreme Court.  It has several architectural wonders, the White House, the Washington National Cathedral, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the United States Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Washington is also home to many monuments and museums. Prominent among them is the Smithsonian Institution under whose auspices at least 19 museums and the National Zoo, are all free to the public.

It has a distinctive allure, both for locals and tourists from around the world. It is a center of power and an inviting place to visit. Some of us at call it home.

We Proudly Serve:

  • Georgetown
  • Arlington
  • Bethesda
  • Alexandria
  • Baltimore
Close up of beautiful young woman - Eve Wilson Speech Coach

Eve Wilson, Teleprompter Speech Coach, Washington, DC

Our Teleprompter Speech coaches work with your talent either just before their on camera appearance or even days or weeks earlier.  The idea is to get professional help in delivering a confident, relaxed, effective performance before a teleprompter.

Our coaches will come to your place of business, sound stage or set with a teleprompter or presidential prompter and camera.  Your talent will rehearse his/her speech with continual input from the coach.  Each iteration of the speech will be recorded on camera and later given to the talent so they can review the video, hear the coach’s comments and visibly track their progress.

If the performance or speech for you or your client is really important you may want to consider prior training with a professional coach.


Bob Elliot, young man smiling in short sleeves.

Meet the Washington DC Office Manage

Bob Elliot is our Washington DC office manager. He handles equipment rentals and vendor scheduling in the area. He has been working with American Movie Company since 2013.

His favorite films include the original Star Wars trilogy, Top Gun and High Anxiety. He’s an avid viewer of Game of Thrones, The Office (reruns) and The Blacklist.The Office Dog

Bash acts as Bob’s second in command. He loves the outdoors and relaxing in the sun.

White sleepy dog lying down
Beautiful African American young lady with hoop earrings

Meet Alicia Wilson

Alicia Wilson graduated from New York University with a degree in Film/TV and Acting. While studying, Alicia performed in a number of plays and student films. She also acted as a producer, writer and camera operator on both her own and her peers’ projects. One day, Alicia found herself on set as a production assistant for a green screen studio shoot with American Movie Company. She began working with them frequently, and soon became a full time teleprompter operator operating in the NYC area. 3 years after graduation, Alicia moved to Washington DC, where she still acts as an operator.

Beautiful young lady white shirt, yellow scarf

I work for a local production company here in Washington, D.C. It’s cutting edge, progressive and highly successful. We are often called upon to provide both film crews and equipment for political events.

The two most popular items are the Standard Through-the-lens Prompter and the Presidential Teleprompter.

We also offer Speech coaches to work closely with your talent to help them improve their performance. In essence, we offer it all! Green Screen, WebCasting, you name it, we have it!

I love my job and I know that I’m good at it (humility aside) I’m also aware that my passion is the main reason I feel so accomplished and proud to do what I do. This entire business fascinates me and it always has. So much happens behind the scenes that someone unfamiliar with the film or television world just wouldn’t understand. We have not only become a family at our production company, we speak our own language, apple boxes, C-stands, clam shell, dolly, looping, gaffer, grip, grace, barn doors etc.

I had the absolute honor to be present at The Women’s March in Washington, D.C. last year. Words fail to describe the exhilaration and energy that over one million women made when bonded together in solidarity. I have honestly never seen or felt anything quite like it.

I operated the Presidential Teleprompters for Gloria Steinem and Ashley Judd. It was an unforgettable experience, to be feet away from two of the strongest and most empowered women ever!

They delivered speeches that will ring in the ears of women and men forever. They will be remembered.

Our cameraman, Gerald, was so eager to get the best shots that he had to stand up and walk across the top of a row of portable toilets just to see over the crowd. By the time he considered moving to another location he was almost trapped up there. The crowd had grown so thick that there wasn’t an easy way for him to get down. Gerald, always a trooper, was keenly aware of the importance of this event.   He didn’t complain about the 5 hours of crouching on toilets. On the contrary, he too was grateful to be part of the magic and historic march. He has the shots to prove it.

I was so impressed by the creativity of the women’s signs, clothing and, of course, the ubiquitous pink hats. It was wonderful to see so many families and children there as well.

I witnessed the type of respect, dignity and power I longed for at this peaceful march. The sense of community and the strength of the collective voice, was evident and heard. That feeling was palpable.

Our crew was strategically placed and took closer shots and stills, aerial and wide. Every aspect of that historic day is etched into our minds and our hearts, archived there forever. Weeks after we were still riding the gratitude and sheer sense of wonder that the crowd and its speakers harnessed that day. We still mention it often, over a year later! I was a part of recording history that day. I will be telling my grandchildren about it.

Thank you for considering Washington, DC Teleprompter Services

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Washington, DC Convention Center

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center opened in 2003. The convention center has hosted a number of important events, including official inauguration balls for Presidents Bush and Obama. The building has a 703,000-square-foot exhibition space and 77 meeting rooms. It is located in downtown D.C.

We were thrilled to WebCast a concert for a select 200 people there last September. We look forward to returning.

Convention Center building - Washington, DC

Teleprompter Rental Washington, DC

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