Teleprompter Philly

Teleprompter Rental Philadelphia


American Movie Company offer a full line of teleprompter Services including Presidential Prompters, Interrotrons, Daylight Teleprompters, Battery Powered Prompters in Philadelphia, PA.

Teleprompter Rental Philadelphia with operator start at $595 for the 10 hr day.

Professional Prompters which fit the Red Camera, Alexa, F900, etc. are $695 with operator for the day.

Presidential Prompters are available for $895 for the day with professional operator.

Interritrons are $895 a day with operator.

Cicero Executive Speech Coaching Available.

Presidential Prompters Available for the New Convention Center

Our teleprompters use the New High Hrite X15 monitors.  Ordinary teleprompter monitors are 400 NITS (standard measure of monitor brightness)  Our are 1800 NITS.  This is very important when shooting in bright lights either indoors or out.  Our of you talent has less than perfect eyesight.

The X15 monitors are are of a significantly higher quality and produce images of superior resolution making them much easier to read.

The teleprompters are of a superior design which allows them to easily mount professional cameras such as the Red One Camera, The Red MX, and the New Red Epic.  They fit perfectly with the Alexa and the F900, etc.

Teleprompter Rental Philadelphia

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