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An experienced professional will deliver and operate the following available prompter gear.

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Standard Teleprompter on set interior - windows in background - Palm Beach

Standard Teleprompter Rental (AutoCue)

Price: $945 /10 Hour Day

The through-the-lens teleprompter allows talent to look into the camera lens and read the script seemingly without missing a beat.

Interrotron setup on set - Palm Beach

Interrotron Mark III Rental (Director’s Unit and Talent Unit)

Price: $1195 /10 Hour Day

The Interrotron Mark III allows the director and the talent to see each other while also looking into the camera.

EyeDirect Rental. Click Here

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Palm Beach EyeDirect

EyeDirect Rental

Price: $250/Day; $750/3 Day Week

Available for office pickup or shipping only.

The EyeDirect is similar to the Mark III.  The main purpose is to allow the talent and the director to see each other “face to face”.

This unit comes in a fitted Pelican case that weighs around 30 pounds and is slightly larger than an airline carry-on bag.

Folding Mark E Eye Direct

 EyeDirect Rental. Click Here

Speech Prompter - President Obama and man behind it - busy set - Palm Beach

Presidential Teleprompter Rental (aka Speech Prompter)

Price: $1295 /10 Hour Day

The Presidential Teleprompter is a device often used for speeches given from behind a podium.

Presidential Prompter aka Speech Prompter Click Here

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Confidence Monitor - empty screen - Palm Beach

Confidence Monitor

Price: Starting at $945 /10 Hour Day

Not all speakers like to give a speech behind a podium, some like to walk around the stage or even walk around the audience. If your speaker or performer prefers to walk around, then the confidence monitor is the right system.

EyePrompter unit set agains green screen - Palm Beach

iPad Teleprompter Rental/EyePrompter Rental

Price: $95/Day without iPad; $295 /Day with iPad

The iPad teleprompter is a low-cost alternative to a large teleprompter. It is small, easily portable, and sets up in less than two minutes.

EyePrompt Rental Page. Click Here

Podium Monitor hidden from view - Palm Beach

Podium Prompter (Podium AutoCue)

Price: $745/10 Hour Day

The Podium Prompter is a thin teleprompter monitor placed on top of the podium and out of sight of the audience.

Jib Slider Teleprompter on set - Palm Beach

Wireless SteadiCam Teleprompter (AutoCue) & Jib/Slider Teleprompter

This unit is not available in all locations and is custom-built.

Please call Bill at 917-414-5489 or Jocelyn at 646-617-6535 for more information re availability and pricing.

EarPrompter in man's ear - close up - Palm Beach

The Ear Prompt aka In Ear Teleprompter

Click on the button below and then call Bill at 917-414-5489 for types, availability, and pricing

EarPrompt: Click Here

Rise and Fall “Robotic” Presidential Prompter Pair

Presidential TeleprompterOccasionally, there is a need for several speakers to share the same podium at a live event.  They may be of varying heights so that the teleprompter may need to be adjusted up or down for each individual.  Having an assistant rush onstage to adjust the prompter height is not a good way to handle this.

Enter the Rise and Fall “Robotic” Presidential Teleprompter.   In rehearsal, our operator sets the height of the two glass “paddles” for optimum comfortable reading level for each speaker.  Then during the live event, he/she robotically adjusts the prompter height from a nearby location.

This unit is available in New York and San Francisco but can be shipped to other cities.  Our Manhattan robotic prompter has served Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nantucket, Newark, Atlantic City, Hartford, Westchester and the Hamptons.

Price: $1695 Rise and Fall “Robotic” Teleprompter

Pair Delivered with a Professional Operator

Emmy award-winning Bill Milling, CEO TeleprompterRental.com

Bill Milling, CEO TeleprompterRental.com

EyeDirect outdoors - Palm Beach
Confidence Monitor on the floor - Palm Beach

About Palm Beach

Palm Beach is located on the east coast of Florida and it is situated on a long barrier island. Palm Beach is only 10.4 square miles and 62.45% of that is made up of water. Its tropical climate and 2,900 hours of sunshine annually made it “America’s Best Place to Live” in June 2003.

Palm Beach received its name due to its abundance of coconut palm trees, but the coconut palm didn’t originate from Florida or the United States. In 1878, the Spanish ship Providencia was traveling from Havana to Spain when it was wrecked off of the coast. This ship was transporting 20,000 coconuts, so the residents took the coconuts to salvage them and shortly after there were groves of Palm Trees.

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The American Movie Company and TeleprompterRental.com are happy to welcome Carla Correia (pictured below) to its ever-growing roster of Speech Coaches.

Beautiful young lady - Carla Correia, Speech Coach - close up



She is well suited for this position given her fluency in several languages i.e. Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Universidade de Evora in Portugal and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Speaking.

We have a wonderful symbiotic relationship in that we both juggle our schedules in order to accommodate clients. Most recently Carla was on set as a dialect coach for a Brazilian commercial shot in our Green Studio in Tribeca. The spokesperson was at ease reading copy from the Teleprompter thanks in large part to Carla’s input.

One of the traits we admire is Carla’s sense of adventure and her ability to adapt to and flourish in any circumstance.  Her optimism and her smile are infectious.  Clients commend her consummate professionalism.


We are in awe of her stamina and varied interests. She is an accomplished skier, runner, swimmer and dog lover. She worked for several months at a vet’s office.


She toyed with the idea of becoming a veterinary but gave it up when she discovered her bliss while visiting a friend on set during a commercial shoot with James Earl Jones. Pure serendipity! Carla was smitten! She began her new chapter by enrolling in the Film and Television department at NYU.


Change is in the air!

At the beginning of September, Carla got an offer she couldn’t refuse.  She became the lead Speech Coach at our Palm Beach office.  She is much in demand around the country. Her bags are packed!



Carla Correia, beautiful young lady with her dog and foliage in the background

Thank you for considering Palm Beach Teleprompting Services

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Palm Beach Convention Center

The Palm Beach Convention Center is located 3 miles from the Palm Beach International Airport and is just inland from the coast. The building sits on a beautiful 19-acre plot. The center opened in January 2014 and boasts a 100,000 sq. ft. exhibit hall, a 22,000 sq. ft. ballroom and 21,000 sq. ft. of flexible space.

We have had the pleasure of prompting for clients at this venue.



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Teleprompter Rental Practice

We’ve compiled a few videos for you to practice using a teleprompter.

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Best Way to Read From a Teleprompter

Prompter tips video and written considerations for choosing your equipment.
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Top 10 Teleprompter Tips

Top 10 Teleprompter Tips written out for you to reference before a shoot.

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