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Teleprompter Rental New York City

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We have the following prompter gear available delivered and operated by an experienced professional.

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Michael Gonzalez and teleprompter

Operator and teleprompter on the job!


Standard Teleprompter Rental

Price: $645/10 Hour Day with professional operator.

Our professional “through-the-lens” teleprompters include AutoCue, Telescript or Prompter People units. Our prompters can sit on the tripod with your camera, or be set up on a separate tripod placed in front of your camera (freestanding). This unit allows the talent to look right into the lens and read copy.

The average set up time is about twenty minutes. We suggest providing your operator with a script in Word format before the shoot, however, operators are able to load scripts and/or make minor edits on set.

Prompters are delivered at no charge within the city, but there is a mileage charge of .56 cents per mile, plus any tolls outside NYC.

Get Teleprompter Specs

Interrotron Mark III Rental 

Price: $645 – $845 (please see below).

10 Hour Day with Operator

The Interrotron Mark III ($845) consists of a director’s unit (camera, lens, tripod, hood, mirror, mounting plate, professional monitor) and a talent unit (hood, sliding 15mm double gold plate mounting system, professional monitor). Together, these units enable both the director and the talent to have a face to face conversation, whilst looking directly into the camera. This is ideal for inexperienced talent who are intimidated by looking into a camera lens for an extended period of time. The interrotron gives the talent someone to look at, producing a more natural manner of communication.

The Interrotron Mark II ($645) includes a camera, lens and talent unit. Although the talent will be able to view the director, the director will not be able to view talent and must divert his/her attention to a camera that feeds the image to the talent unit.

To find out more about the Interrotron, click here.

EyeDirect Rental

Price: $250/Day; $750/3 Day Week

Please call 917.414.5489 for details on extended rental packages.

Available for in office pickup or shipping.

The EyeDirect, like the Interrotron Mark III, allows both talent and director to see each other all while achieving the effect that the talent is looking into the camera. This unit is ideal for stationary/fixed camera set ups only.

The unit comes in a custom fitted Pelican case and is prepared ready to ship. The total package weighs 30 lbs and is just larger than a carry on bag.

To learn more about the the EyeDirect, click here.

Presidential Teleprompter Rental (aka Speech Prompter)

Price: $845 – 10 Hours with operator.

The Presidential Teleprompter consists of two glass panels that are placed on either side of a lectern. The speaker looks to the glass panels to read text, but the audience sees right through the glass, making it appear, from their point of view, as if there is no text on the glass that would obstruct their view. This unit can commonly be found at conferences, award shows, presidential speeches (hence the name) and graduations.

We are regularly called to the United Nations to prompt for visiting heads of state. We have also prompted for A List celebrities and politicians including Beyoncé, Oprah, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton.

We recommend allowing our operator into the venue several hours before the start of the event so that he/she can work directly with talent to adjust prompter positioning and script fonts to their comfort.

We also offer the Rise and Fall Robotic Presidential Teleprompter. This is a unit is particularly useful for live events with multiple speakers  reading off of a prompter. People come in different shapes and sizes, and oftentimes, the ideal height of a presidential stand is different across the board. Having a stage hand run out on to the stage to adjust the height of each panel between speakers is not only unattractive, but also dangerous as there is a possibility of glass breaking and shattering. With the robotic prompter, the operator to remotely adjust the height of each panel between each speaker, allowing for a seamless transition between speakers.

This unit is available in New York but can be driven or shipped to other cities. For example, our robotic prompter has served Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nantucket, Newark, Atlantic City, Hartford, Westchester and The Hamptons.

Confidence Monitor

Price: $645 – 10 Hour Day

It comes with operator and 2x 19″ Monitors or 1x 32″/36″ Monitor.

Additional monitors and sizes are available.

Please call 917.414.5489 to discuss multiple monitor rentals or unique setups.

Confidence Monitors are an alternative to Presidential Prompters and give speakers/presenters the freedom to walk around the stage without losing access to copy. Musicians and singers often use several of them (referred to as “Rock ‘n Roll Monitors”) placed at the edge of the stage and angled up (out of audience sight) so the talent can see the lyrics.

The Confidence Monitor typically has three configurations: onstage, offstage or at the back of the house.

Check out the Confidence Monitor page for more information as well as images of the units.


iPad Teleprompter Rental/EyePrompt Rental

Price: $95/Day without iPad; $120/Day with iPad (Stand not included)

Available for in office pickup of shipping.

The iPad Teleprompter is a great tool for small shoots with extensive travel and/or tight budgets. It can easily fit inside a laptop case and sets up in less than two minutes. It sits on a small light stand or low C-stand (typical 750 stud) not included.

It is important to note that most iPad softwares do not allow for live script scroll adjustment, so talent must follow along with the iPad, rather than going at their own natural pace. iPad software that does allow adjustments (via Bluetooth) often lag by a few seconds.

To get more info on this prompter, please click here.

Battery-powered, High Bright Daylight Standard and Presidential Prompters

We can now prompt anywhere without worrying about the lack of AC power or not being able to read the text because of bright sunlight. Both “through-the-lens” teleprompters and presidential teleprompters have options of high bright monitors. These monitors make it easier to read text in bright sunlight. We also have battery operated options since many outdoor shoots do not have access to power.

Naturally, you must take every precaution not to allow sunlight to fall directly onto the monitor(s). Think of your TV image when window light falls directly on the screen.  It’s best to shield the monitors as much as possible.


Emmy award winning Bill Milling

Bill Milling CEO

Rock N’ Roll Monitor

Through the Lens Teleprompter

We Proudly Serve:

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  • Brooklyn
  • Staten Island
  • Long Island
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  • Princeton, NJ
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Daylight Teleprompter NYC

  • Battery-powered
  • High Bright Monitor

Teleprompter Speech Coaching

In New York and Hollywood, we have several professional speech coaches who are trained in teleprompter operation.  They are skilled actor/trainers who will help you to prepare for and deliver an effective presentation before either a standard through the lens camera mounted teleprompter or a presidential style prompter aka speech prompter.

Our coach can come to your place of business or to our studio with the prompter and camera (to record comments and your progress) and give you one-on-one training.  You will learn to read the prompter naturally and be able to confidently give a relaxed, persuasive and compelling performance before the prompter.




Daria Schabad is a classically trained actress who will help you deliver a relaxed, effective speech with the use of a teleprompter.  She is New York based and can bring a teleprompter and operator to your place of business or our studio for personal prompter training

Featured Operator

Michael Gonzalez is one of our senior prompter and interrotron specialists. He is also a speech coach, and acts as a producer and director for the commercial and music video division at American Movie Company.

Michael primarily operates in New York City, but is able to travel to shoots outside of the city.

As a seasoned prompter operator, he has worked and trained former presidents like Bill Clinton, A-list Celebrities like Oprah and multiple CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to give a flawless and confident, yet personable speech on all of the units. Michael is also a union Sag-Aftra actor for over 10 years, which we believe is another key asset to why he has great insight into the very important know how’s of being in front of the camera.

Meet Our Office Pup!

This is Snowball, the resident dog at our New York City office. He specializes in maintaining staff morale.  He is great company and loves to fetch and stand guard.

Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Our  “Speech Teleprompter” or simply “Speech Prompter”  consists of two glass panels mounted on thin metal risers placed on either side of the podium.   The audience sees through the glass but the speaker sees his/her copy as it scrolls.


You may have seen politicians using this and other teleprompters on TV.  In fact, every president since Eisenhower has used this device.


We have used our units with First Lady Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Beyonce, Hugh Jackman, Liam Neeson, various heads of state at the United Nations, Fortune 50 Executives and literally hundreds of A-list celebrities.


The text is projected on the two glass plates suspended at eye level (see image above).   The audience can see right through the glass but the speaker sees the text scrolling on the other side.  It is then easy for the speaker to keep perfect eye contact with the audience while never missing a line of the speech.


This presidential unit is great for speakers standing at a podium.  But when the speaker needs to roam about the stage area, a confidence monitor is often used (see below):


$1295 – Rise and Fall “Robotic”

Delivered with Professional Operator

This is functionally similar to the unit above but has glass panels which can be raised or lowered from a remote control unit out of view.

At live functions, where more than one speaker will use the device, it is impractical to have an assistant scurry out onto the stage to readjust the height of the two panels in the middle of a performance.   With the Platinum System, the operator sets the right height for each speaker in advance and then with the push of a button, the two panels slide up or down to adjust for the perfect eye-line for everyone.


This saves the uncomfortable, unprofessional pause while a stagehand rushes out to readjust the height of the two glass panels.



Two Cameras Through The Same Prompter Hood

Often camera operators want to shoot with two cameras through the same hood.  This is to ensure the talent is looking into the lens for both the wide shot and close-up.  Our producers Mike and Laura have come up with an ingenious solution: mount both cameras on an adjustable bar fitted onto the tripod. Then attach each camera to a sliding mounting plate.  Push the plate as close together as possible. And done.


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Additional suggestions re effective use of a teleprompter.  If possible, allow time for the operator and talent to work together before the shoot.   The operator must take cues form the talent as to speed, pausing and even type size. Remember the operator follows the talent, not the other way around.  We suggest you show this video along with the Ten Top Teleprompter Tips (on the homepage) to your talent prior to the shoot.

Standard Teleprompter Rental

Through-the-lens prompter (aka Autocue)

Teleprompter Rental

$645 – Ten Hour Day

Delivered with a professional, experienced operator.

Bill Milling: 917-414-5489

New York Office:  646-617-6535

Toll-free:  1-800-811-7805


How a teleprompter works and how to get the best out of using one.


While we have both large and small teleprompters, our primary rental unit is the Autocue Professional Series 12″ pictured above.

It’s an extremely versatile and reliable machine designed for demanding “real world” broadcast studio and location shoots.

The copy is clear and easily readable in bright sunlight.  To do this, a monitor must produce a minimum of 1000 Nits (Nits is the industry’s brightness standard).  Our precision machines feature an outstanding 1600 Nits!

Our Gold Plate MSP 12″ mounts the prompter to a tripod using our totally adjustable “Gold Plate System.”  It easily slides on a 15mm rail system with two sliding plates, one for the camera body and one for the lens.

This enables the camera body to move forward and backward to fit an Alexa, Red, F3 or any size camera (DV or ENG), even a small “prosumer model.”

The rear of the Gold Plate rig holds one or more counterweights for use in balancing very lightweight cameras.

If you are outside or away from AC power, our professional units can be powered from a battery pack (12v), which we can supply.  This makes the unit perfect for use in even the most difficult daylight, or location broadcast situation.

Our machines include a lightweight hood for easy transport to the set.  It easily adjusts up or down to allow placing the lens to shoot through the exact center of the glass, with no need to adjust the camera.

Our rental service provides you with a critical, free service upgrade.  We call it  “Platinum Prompter Plan.”  In a word,  “redundancy”.   I’m using the word as it is used in engineering;  the inclusion of extra components that are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components: a high degree of redundancy is built into the machinery installation.

Redundancy is the only reliable antidote to Murphy’s law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

Your shoot is always “mission critical”.  To clarify:  This popular term is defined as:  an activity, device, service or system whose failure or disruption will cause a failure in business operations.

We use the highest quality Gold Plate Professional units from Autocue.   Unlikely though it may be, it’s still possible for something to go wrong!

Connectors and cables may fail, so we always carry duplicates.

The laptop could freeze.  We bring along another laptop.  In fact, it turns out to be a big bonus.  Consider the advantage.  You or your client can be modifying the script while the operator uses the other laptop to prompt.  Then, as the edit is finished, our operator can quickly switch to the second laptop.  Yes, we need an additional software license, but that’s part of what it takes to be a professional company.

Why is it important to rent a professional machine?

There are many different brands of prompters one can buy or rent.  It is even possible to build a DIY teleprompter from scratch or even prompt from an iPad or an iPhone.

So, why not do just that?

Do it yourself prompters can be acceptable, if you build them for one particular model camera.  Too many things can go wrong. Why risk embarrassment and alienating your client?

 You need a professional teleprompter operated by a trained, experienced operator.

About the iPad prompter:

This is a great tool with which to practice.  However, for use on a professional set it’s simply not a good idea.  It may save you some money, but the Bluetooth controls are not precise and do not scroll the copy perfectly.  The likelihood is that talent may lose his/her place in the script during the shoot.

Retakes and utter frustration are often the result.

In addition, the screen is quite small so reading it from a distance can be a real challenge.

Another question:  Why not rent from an individual owner/operator who gives the lowest price? Several issues come to mind.

An owner/operator may not have the backup gear or a replacement operator at the last minute.  There is no guarantee that their service is really on a professional level.  They may not be able to keep pace with the talent.  There is too much room for error.  Don’t take that chance.

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Daylight Prompter

Battery-powered Prompter – Confidence Monitor 


When you need to shoot outdoors in bright sunlight you may need a battery-powered high bright prompter.   We have monitors rated at 1000 or more NITS (the unit used to measure screen brightness in monitors).  And we can power these units with batteries.

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