Teleprompter Rental New Jersey

[/caption]Presidential Prompters (Autocue) and standard Teleprompters and Interritrons are now available in New Jersey.

Presidential Prompter & Operator $895 plus 40 cents mile.

Standard Teleprompter & Operator $595 & 40 cents mile.

Pro Prompter & Operator $695 & 40 cents mile.

Interrotron & Operator $895 & 40 cents mile.

Tricaster $995 with operator & 40 cents mile.

Teleprompter Rental New JerseyEssex County New Jersey Teleprompter rentals.  Transportation is calculated from New York City.

Amanda, Cicero Systems Speech Coach

Presidential Prompter New JerseyCicero Systems Speech Coaching New Jersey

Teleprompter Rental New Jersey

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