Teleprompter Rental NYC and The Seven Deadly Sins


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Eric Bujnowski


By Eric Bujnowski

It’s Showtime!  Couldn’t resist.  Read on and be amused.

A operator (a close friend) recently worked on an upcoming Showtime series “7 Deadly Sins” with documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

I joined them a day later, and I must tell you that those two days working on set were an adventure.  From an exclusive speakeasy hidden in the lower East Side to an abandoned manor in Yonkers, our Teleprompters were running smoothly all day.

The scenes being shot were insert shots that are placed between segments of the television show.  Inspired by “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”,  Spurlock addresses the viewers in all sorts of dark and twisted locations that depict the theme of the sin they are covering in each episode.


The AD expressed his gratitude for our Teleprompter Rental service.   He said he was very impressed at how seamless everything was, from quickly assembling the rig to operating while shooting.  I too felt it ran smoothly.  If I may brag a little – we are experienced at this sort of thing and we like our work.  I was happy we were appreciated.


At times the call for a teleprompter comes at the last minute, so our operators are always ready and eager to be sent out on a new adventure daily.


While on the shoot, the versatility of the prompter was proven.  From being used on a moving dolly, on a Steadicam, flipped around so it can be read on a mirror, and even locked onto the top of a ladder so the filmmaker can lie directly under it and read during a vertical shot.


We are always improvising and discovering new ways to place the unit where it can be seen from the speaker’s place and sort of blend in.  After becoming familiar with it and a bit of practice – it all goes well.


So, please the next time you need a Teleprompter, give us a call.  We will work closely with you and further improve the project at hand.


Please call Toll Free:  1-800-811-7085

or Bill Milling at: 917-414-5489.


Teleprompter Rental NYC and The Seven Deadly Sins

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