Teleprompter Languages

Teleprompting in Spanish


Our Teleprompter Operator speaks fluent in Russian, German Spanish and English

Daria is fluent in Russian, German, Spanish and English. speaks your language!

Not at all locations but we do have Teleprompter operators fluent in:

Teleprompting in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese,  Japanese,  Russian,  Mandarin, Cantonese, and, of course, English!


Chloe Cameron Teleprompting In French

Chloe Cameron Teleprompting In French

Given that we are in major cities and, indeed, part of the melting pot, we have experience dealing with producers whose projects are in a foreign language.  So, don’t hesitate – call us and you’ll discover we can talk turkey!


Teleprompter Languages – Tongues are beginning to wag!

Teleprompter languages evolve.

Ask us… and we will find yours!

Teleprompting in French

Teleprompting in Italian

Teleprompting in Spanish


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