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Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin




Today was my first teleprompter gig as an underling to the experienced Lou Blackmon.  I shadowed him on other jobs and he proved to be a delight and so helpful.  Just days prior, he gave the whole crew the run-down on how to set up a teleprompter…specifically, the teleprompter we would be setting up today.

I was excited. So when the hour struck noon, we dragged 75 lbs worth of equipment with us to Lou’s car, which he mindfully made available for us that warm, sunny day. He even parked it close for us! What a guy!

Windows down, we zigzagged our way through traffic to West Central Park, found a parking space, and grabbed our stuff.  We called the client who directed us to their exact whereabouts, where we eventually got flagged down and were greeted with heart-felt “thank you’s” for coming early.

We thanked them back and felt an immediate connection.  To our delight we found out they were long-time customers of ours, with an exceptionally enjoyable and talented crew.

Underneath the shade, Lou let me set up the teleprompter by myself.  I felt his presence.   He was there in case I needed help of any sort.  I knew I could do it, since I paid very close attention during his run-through a couple days ago.

Teleprompter set up - Central Park - Sonima promo.

Battery Powered Teleprompter set up – Central Park – Sonima promo.








Our client was the Sonima Foundation.   To borrow from their advertising – Sonima introduces students to the concept of self-discovery. Through group discussion, nutrition and character education, breathing exercises, and yoga, students learn to focus their attention, calm their minds, reduce stress, and think before reacting. With the help of these tools, students are better able to develop the healthy habits that will allow them to overcome many of the obstacles that might hold them back in school and life.   A laudable goal, I think.

The production manager gave me a call sheet, which was nice, since I’m used to being a PA, who’s much like a mushroom – kept in the dark and fed sh*t. 😉  Just kidding. HA.

We walked through the script to practice some, before the lovely spokeswoman started to butter up the audience with her luscious English accent, detailing all the very convincing reasons why people should walk.  Sounds like something you’ve heard before, but they took a different spin on it.  Walking as a means to creativity and mental health.  Who knew?!



Sonima promo - Central Park

Battery Powered Teleprompter – Sonima promo shot in Central Park.


While the director pulled for extra emphasis, tongue-in-cheek comments, and interesting speaking positions (see yoga position below), the actress participated with on-the-go script revisions to create more flow. It was the picture of collaboration, and I loved it.


Actress reading from teleprompter - Sonima promo.

Actress reading from Daylight Teleprompter – Sonima promo.

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Daylight, Battery Powered Teleprompter

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