Halloween is a scary time of the year, what’s really scary is trying to get to teleprompter gig in Halloween traffic.

By Eva Guevara Actress, Football Fanatic and Teleprompter Operator LA.

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The traffic on this fun day, is scary bad in Los Angeles, everyone leaves work early to get a jump on the traffic to make it home in time to catch the trick or treaters in time. But all they do is make traffic worse.

That’s why I always hope that a teleprompter gig on that day will go long into the evening so that I and the gold-plate teleprompter can escape the madness.

It’s a professional trade off that we operators have to make from time to time.
Happy Halloween!

And on Halloween I love to show up to teleprompt in costume!

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Eva Guevara, Executive Speech Coach and Teleprompter Operator

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