Confidence Monitor at the 6th Annual Shorty Awards Show


6th Annual Shorty Awards

6th Annual Shorty Awards

I will leave you with tales from my latest Confidence Monitor Teleprompting gig.

It was for a live awards show. Oh, yeah!

It was for the 6th Annual Shorty Awards Show which honors the best of social media.  It singles out people and organizations who produce short form content for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr to name a few.  Millions of people participate in the Shorty Awards.  This particular event was live streamed at TheTimesCenter at the New York Times building in Manhattan.


Confidence Monitor at

Confidence Monitor

My associate and I were hired to operate the confidence monitor for the entire 90 minute Live show.  This was the first time working one on one with the host of the show, Natasha Leggero, the sometimes hysterical, controversial and popular comedian.


Note: Confidence Monitors are also called Down Stage Monitors or Rock ‘n Roll Monitors.


Natasha Leggero

Natasha Leggero

Between hair and make-up she completely revamped the script given to us by the director.   We had to reformat everything perfectly in a very short time period and have it ready to go for the live show.  We performed a miracle.

The show was a huge success and had major stars reading off our teleprompter and delivering and executing their jokes just as they planned, thanks to us.  Actor Aaron Paul, from “Breaking Bad”, Lena Dunham from HBO’s “Girls”, Nick Cannon, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, comedians Gilbert Godfrey, Andrew W.K., Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell were some of the night’s big winners.

Stay tuned! There will be more fun stories to come thanks to Bill Milling and The American Movie Company.
Thanks so much for reading and remember to always be prepared!  It’s extremely important!

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By Michael Gonzalez, Producer/Talent/ Webcasting Executive/ Teleprompter Camera Operator for AMC.


Michael Gonzalez

Michael Gonzalez, Confidence Monitor Operator



Confidence Monitor (aka Down Stage Monitor, Rock ‘N Roll Monitor) at the 6th Annual Shorty Awards Show

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