Martin Luther King III uses Interrotron

Interrotron for a documentary about gun violence today. The security camera we usually use for this setup was not zooming in tight enough, luckily the camera crew had a secondary camera which I attached to the prompter, bringing a nice clear picture.

Interrotron always brings a lot of unknown to the shoot. Today’s issue was that the camera on the director didn’t have a big gain, and therefore we required light to shine on the director. With an amazing amount of professionalism the gaffer quickly brought over a 150 with some diffusion and we were in business.

Martin Luther King III was the first interviewee, very nice man, I’m always impressed with high profile people who have good manners and are kind to everyone they meet.

The Interrotron is a system created by Errol Morris for interviews.

The Interrotron allows an interview appear to be a face to face conversation, when in actuality, the interviewee is speaking directly to camera.

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