Sharp TV Aquos 4K Introduction – Presidential Teleprompter Job

Michael Gonzalez

Michael Gonzalez




Presidential Teleprompter (AKA Speech Teleprompter) jobs have become my specialty here at The American Movie Company and

I am honored to have this very important position and am aware that with it comes great responsibility.   I deal with people at all levels, this time with a corporate executive.

The gentleman in question is Mark Vilken, Sharp’s Vice President of Brand Marketing.  I spent quite some time with him speaking not only about the looming speech he had to give, but also about his working with picture quality experts at RED Digital Cinema.  As you might know, it is one the most advanced camera companies in existence.


Most recently, RED was prominent in capturing the excitement of The World Cup in Brazil.  It was used for promos and actual telecasting by several countries, including the United States.


Mark Vilken, VP of Brand Marketing at Sharp TV - introducing the latest Sharp Aqu

Mark Vilken, VP of Brand Marketing at Sharp TV – introducing the latest Sharp Aquos
4K TV with a Presidential Telepr0mpter


Mr. Vilken, (Mark, as I came to call him.) and I talked about the yearly 4K film competition to spur the creation of high quality Ultra HD content.  This technology, this topic is something that really sparks my interest.

We exchanged emails at the end of the event. Podium and Presidential Teleprompter

Presidential “Speech” Teleprompter

He was very appreciative of the time I spent with him to help make his speech more effective.  I was only doing my job.  Am grateful to have had the chance to work with such a professional.

The opportunity to actually influence or have a say in how a speech is delivered does not come often.  However, working with this particularly receptive client was such a case.  I made suggestions about how to perform in front of large numbers of people.  Experience garnered in the hundreds of past teleprompter jobs served me well.




Presidential Prompter set up for Michelle Obama

Presidential Prompter



Mark Vilken, is an expert in brand marketing but was not at ease delivering a speech to a large crowd.  I gave him a few pointers to consider. Asked him to think of the teleprompter as sort of a guardian angel – there to help just in case the need arises.  We talked at length about ways to relax in front of people.  He became familiar with the teleprompter and the rhythm of the scrolling lines.  We rehearsed a bit and I adjusted particular parts of the script so he could best concentrate on his delivery and worry less about reading the words.

I know from past experience that quite a lot of people struggle with this and so I wanted to make this strong point hit home and thereby help build his comfort level.  I also elaborated upon ways to achieve the intended goal.  Getting the audience to remember the content of the speech is paramount.  Many people lose sight of this and concentrate instead on just the words.  The actual message is what’s important.   He saw the logic in this.  I was glad I drove this point home.

Among other reminders, the following was, perhaps, the most crucial.   I refer to appearing relaxed and natural.  I cautioned him not to freeze up.  We even laughed about the old trick of picturing the audience naked!  Visualizing is fun and may work, but imagining a normal conversation between people with like interests is best.


imbeautifulImage of a woman framing a shot with her fingures



We’ve all been in stressful situations.  We all know how the body reacts.  It becomes rigid and freezes up.  If this happens when trying to read a teleprompter, eyes dart from side to side, legs lose their standing, etc.  Those attending your event begin to feel like they’re watching a ping pong game!  They may even become distracted by your fidgeting and your message is lost.  In order to avoid all of that, the key is to continually move your head, use your hands to emphasize, allow your face to be expressive, be animated as you normally would when speaking to a person standing right in front of you.  If your body is in motion, your eye movement will become a lot less noticeable and you will look a lot better on camera.


Presidential Prompter

Presidential Prompter


fter discussing the above thoroughly, Mark felt ready.  Any hint of nervousness disappeared.  He was well received and his speech left people eager to go out and buy Sharp’s new line of Aquos 4K TV.  I actually overheard two men say so.  A wonderful lasting impression!

With humility, I tell you that I too did my job well.  I am an accomplished teleprompter operator and an excellent speech coach.  This combination distinguishes us at AMC and from other companies who offer similar services.

I hope my musings were informative and helpful should you find yourself in need of using a teleprompter.  If so… please give us a call.  It will be my pleasure to work with you to make your project stand out.

Until the next blog!


Laura Williams Speech Coach & Michael Gonzalez, Speech

Laura Williams Speech Coach & Michael Gonzalez, Presidential Telprompter Operator

Presidential Teleprompting for Sharp Aquos TV

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