Robotic / Rise & Fall Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Automatically adjust the height of the Presidential Prompter to match the correct height of your speakers.  Then drop the units down and out of sight for unobstructed photo/video of the speaker.

$1,595 with an experienced Presidential Operator. Dual Laptops for ten hours.

Presidential Prompter 5

The truly professional way to prompt for prestigious speaking events.

Professional Teleprompting in 50 North American Media Markets

  • The operator can remotely adjust the height of the stands automatically using programming or our proprietary software.
  • Unit is extremely flexibe to adjust for all ocasions when used at award ceremonies, conferences and presentations.
  • Stand position height control data is transmitted to the units via industry standard HDSDI cable.
  • The prompter video can also be shared via our on-board distribution amp.

Robotically Rising Prompter Height

The amazing automatically adjustable poles can rise in-between your client’s speeches via the revolutionary motorized system instead of rushing out on stage and manually adjusting pole height. This process lets you  keep shooting in-between speeches without having to pause to adjust the pole height for speakers varying in height. It is great for Conferences and Staged Speeches where stage access is limited or prohibited during the event, but you have multiple speakers of different heights.

Joe Biden Presidential Teleprompter

The Presidential Teleprompter

We have prompted for the last five presidents, vice presidents and first ladies as well as major movie stars and corporate leaders.

Obama 24 prompter

The Presidential Prompter aka, Speech Prompter

  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Political Events
Presidential Prompter

Delivered and Operated By Highly Experienced Professionals

We operate in over 50 major movie markets in the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Bill Milling - 917-414-5489

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