Remote Teleprompting

Virtual Prompting at a Distance

We can:

  • Bring a teleprompter to your location, set it up with few people present. And then operate it with a professional prompter operator from several hundred feet away by cable.
  • Use your prompter on set and operate it remotely from our location with a professional operator.
  • Ship you a prompter with easy set up instructions and then operate it remotely from our location, again with a professional operator.





The American Movie Company and its subsidiary, have local offices in twenty-five major movie markets in the USA, Canada, The Caribbean and Mexico.


We offer professional prompter operators and:

  • Standard Teleprompters

  • Presidential Teleprompters

  • Interrotrons

  • SkyTrons

  • EyeDirects 

  • iPad Prompters with AutoScroll

  • Confidence Monitors

  • Wireless SteadiCam Prompters

  • Virtual Teleprompting

  • Rise & Fall Presidential 

Two actors sitting and looking into the hige Panavision film cameras with out saying anything . with caption speechless waiting for the invention of the Teleprompter
SteadiCam Teleprompter Operator - bearded guy

The American Movie Company also provides:

  • 4K/8K Video Production

  • 25 Green Screen and White Cyc Stages in New York City Metro Area as well as stages in Miami, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Toronto.

  • WebCasting Service.

  • Drone Cinematography.

  • 4K/3D Virtual Sets and the technology to composite 4K/3D virtual sets in real time with a moving camera against Green screen.

  • AR/VR and Volumetric expertise.

#1 Teleprompter Rental Service
Picture of Bill milling in a circle. phone icon, phone number 917-414-5489
Isabel Scoliard 646-340-6450
2 skytron logo v5


What is a SkyTronn?

SkyTronn is basically an “Interrotron at a distance”

Across the street.

Across the nation.

In a typical example, the director might be in Hollywood and the actor in NYC.

With the SkyTronn, the director looks into his/her screen and is eye to eye” with the actor.

They are conversing via shots made directly through the main camera on each end.  It is usually a professional 4K/8K camera.

We take that signal and run it through our SkyTronn remote unit on site and then our control room in NYC sees both locations.  We send NYC to LA and LA to NYC.

So a real time, intimate, personal, two-way conversation, with eye contact takes place between two people thousands of miles apart.


That’s the SkyTronn

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