Red Post Production (or, How do I get myself out of this 4K mess?)

While Red is an incredibly innovative product, the fact of the matter is that in 2007 less than a dozen films had any part of its post-production workflow finished in 4K, While that number will easily quadruple in 2008, the post-production workflow is the only part of the process that RED cannot control.

The movies we talk about at 4K had specific reasons. Spiderman 3 used 4K for effects shots. Black Dahlia used 4K for color correction and final image quality. While called “4K “, it is often joking referred to as “$K” , as much for the increased costs for working in something so specialized that even its use in Hollywood to this point in time is pretty rare.

I will continue the options for the RED Post Production workflow and discussion of the current camera and updates in the second half of this article, coming soon.

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