Teleprompter Reading For Maximum Effectiveness

How to read a teleprompter

By Amy Bursor


When you have a project to complete, there is only one choice – deal with professionals.  That is especially true if it involves the use of a Teleprompter.  Put your mind at ease and rent from us.  We have teleprompter operators who can deal with any emergency.  Our staff can trouble-shoot a broken unit or call for replacement parts, a new mirror, anything that may be necessary.

Fellow operators are a phone call away.


When your job must be done with the assurance that it will be within your budget and on time, don’t hesitate to call us.  We can satisfy your needs.


We offer Interrotrons and other equipment as well.

We are ready to work for you.  Promptly and professionally!

Call us at:  917-414-5489



Amy Bursor Teleprompter Soecialist

Amy Bursor, Teleprompter Specialist – NYC Office

How to read a teleprompter

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