Rachel’s initial speech and dialect training came from theatrical studies at Roosevelt University of Chicago, where she received a full scholarship in Theater, and further at the prestigious American Conservatory Theater (ACT), in San Francisco.  Throughout these years of study, there was a great emphasis on proper annunciation, adopting and negating regionalism’s and/ or dialects, and effective emphasis for phrasing.

In addition to speech studies in Theater settings, Rachel has studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a technique that encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming.  While not a practitioner of NLP, Rachel uses elements of this technique, along with her years of experience in dialect coaching, and public speaking to create a “fusion” technique that is both effective, and efficient.

Finally, Rachel’s original training was in dance, lending her expertise a seamless influence on movement.  Her coaching in speech and emphasis is always complimented with instruction, or cues on attractive and effective posture and movement.

“Rachel’s coaching made an immediate and permanent shift in my confidence with clients, especially those that I market to via video conference.  I have since marketed several videos, and feel very comfortable these days in front of the camera… and that had been an awkward thing for me all my life before the coaching.”  Client and International Interior Designer, Susan Greyson.

Rachel has trained in the Cicero System of advanced speech coaching.  She has expertise in the use of  teleprompters and presidential prompters (speech prompters) with her clients.

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