Home Health Care Thrives in Brooklyn

Home Health Care takes themselves seriously

We booked a job in Brooklyn for The Royal Care, a home health care service provider. They have been growing for the past several years, and are dominating the Brooklyn market.

Good for them!

Red Camera on Teleprompterr

Our Red Camera On Our Teleprompter

All the people we met were extremely friendly, even their lawyers!

They decided, since they were growing so much, that they didn’t have time to personally go over their very strict policies in every training session. So, intelligently, they decided to make a video.

A.M. Arno and I rolled out, set up the prompter, and got to work.

Usually on set, the DP is the director, and generally is a very in charge type of person. On this particular shoot, he was a very passive person. So passive that he didn’t even say “action!” or “whenever your ready” to let the talent know to start.

Well, Ms. Arno and I are very take charge type of people, and I’m not going to lie, it was driving us a little crazy. We wanted to jump in and take over, but unfortunately you have to keep your place, which basically is only doing what you are being paid to do.

The shoot went fine, and we learned some good lessons by working it. It actually fit the theme of the shoot, do what you are supposed to do, don’t scam people, don’t break the law, communicate all the time.

Home Health Care is serious business, teleprompting isn’t life or death, but you still just do your job to the best of your ability.

The Home Health Care Industry takes care of 1000s of people a day in Brooklyn alone.

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