Teleprompter Practice Video

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Introductory Prompter Practice Video

Read the tips, then practice reading the script in time with the Autocue. Try to keep the lines you are reading close to the little triangle on the left-hand side. While in real life a trained operator will match the speed of the autocue with your reading, here, it is a good idea for you to match the speed, to get used to a more controlled delivery. If you feel it is too slow, you’re probably are not putting enough pauses in, or separating words, placing emphasis etc.

Advanced Prompter Practice Video

This is the advanced practice mode.

 If you are a beginner, you may want to start on the video above.

Remember, you can also use the YouTube playback speed controls to adjust it if it is either too slow or too fast for you.

If you feel reading this is not useful and want to work with your own script as well look down at the copy below for Large Type Practice Video.  I’ll show you how to download a trial version of our actual prompter software we use and you can upload your actual script.

Another idea is to download you script onto an iPad Prompter Software Trial Version and practice with that. This is much easier to learn but not as practical as you can’t speed up and slow down as a good reader should.

Sample Prompter Practice Script Designed for Two Readers

This is a sample view of our Anchor Assessment for GHS Studio Productions. Designed for two anchors, each anchor has an intro, two stories, and an outro.

Prompter Moving at 160 WPM

This is a teleprompter running at a pace of 160 words per minute.

Large Type Teleprompter Practice Video

You can never get enough practice.

So, here’s another prompting simulation to work on.  After you feel comfortable with these I would suggest you download trial versions of various prompter software . Script-Q . is the one we use.  Load in your script and continue to practice.  You will notice that the works you wrote may need some minor edits to sound better.  So change the copy and start again. This way you will show up on set with the exact script to intend to read,  And you will be totally familiar with how to read it for maximum effect.


What is a Teleprompter / Autocue?  How Does it Work?

What can I expect when I need to use one professionally?

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