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New York City Teleprompter & Interrotron Operators

Bill Milling at

Bill Milling, CEO of the American Movie Company and its subsidiary, has offices in New York, Miami, and Hollywood and professional operators in Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Orlando, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, Toronto, Orlando, Detroit, Chicago, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, The Hamptons and Las Vegas. American Movie Company is involved in all aspects of the film industry.  It also boasts of providing WebCasting and having several Green Screen Studios, and Green Screen Stages in  NYC.       Allow me to introduce you to a few members of our New York staff.  (In no particular order… they’re all great!)    
Lou Blackmon, Teleprompter Operator, Cameraman

Lou Blackmon, Teleprompter Operator, Cameraman

  Lou Blackmon is an amazing studio manager at The American Movie Company.  He has the uncanny ability to elicit the best in people.  He is also a cameraman, gaffer and an experienced Teleprompter and Interrotron operator.  Lou’s enthusiasm and attention to detail are laudable.  He is liked and respected by all.        
Michael Gonzalez, Producer/Talent/ WebCasting Executive/ Teleprompter Camera Operator for AMC.

Michael Gonzalez, Teleprompter and Interrotron Operator

  Michael Gonzalez is a true Renaissance man.  He is a professional actor.  His resume is quite impressive. He has appeared on several TV shows, among them: Law and Order, Orange is the New Black, Blue Bloods, CBS’s Unforgettable, Gossip Girl etc. He has wonderful stories about being on set with Angelina Jolie while filming “Salt” and “Man on a Ledge”  with Sam Worthington.  Both were wonderful experiences. Michael has done commercials for Allstate Insurance, Mercedes Benz, and others.  He is an experienced Teleprompter and Interrotron operator. He has great expertise in coaching talent for a stress-free, effective performance.  He is a welcome asset to our company.  Always very much in demand.    
Arie Ohayon behind the new Interrotron Mark II Eye Direct in operation with Arie Ohayon, DP in American Movie Company NY studio

Arié Oháyon, Director of Photography, Senior Editor

  Arie Ohayon is our senior director of photography. He shot and cut virtually everything on the American Movie website.  He is proficient in all aspects of filmmaking with decades of experience both in Paris and New York.  Arié is the consummate professional on set.  His personable, yet subdued personality makes everyone at ease and is conducive to a good memorable experience during the shoot.        
Headshot of RJ Yenesel wearing a black baseball cap and black shirt.

RJ Yenesel, Soundman, Teleprompter and Interrotron Operator.

  RJ Yenesel is primarily a sound recordist at The American Movie Company.  He is also an experienced professional Teleprompter, TriCaster and Interrotron operator.  He designed and built the SteadiCam prompter for He is the type of person that without much effort makes friends easily on set.  He is that amiable jovial guy that is comfortable with celebrities as well as simple folk!    
Eva Guevara smiling, brown haired young woman. Speech Coach, Teleprompter and Interrotron Operator

Eva Guevara, Speech Coach, Teleprompter and Interrotron Operator

  Eva Guevara is an on-air personality at American Movie Company.   She has hosted Tech Update and is an experienced speech coach as well.  She has an insatiable curiosity about filmmaking and likes to try on different hats, as it were. She excels at it all.  She feels equally at ease on camera and behind the camera.      
Dylan Irizarry wearing glasses and a red shirt. Soundman, Teleprompter Operator

Dylan Irizarry, Sound, Teleprompter and Interrotron Operator

  Dylan Irizarry is a sound recordist and a Teleprompter/Interrotron operator at the American Movie Company.  He is always eager to work and meet new people.  He is methodical and deals with the unexpected in the calmest of ways.  People around him may panic.  He does not.  Logic prevails.        
Carina Cortez, Actress, Speech Coach, Teleprompter Operator

Carina Cortez, Actress, Speech Coach, Teleprompter Operator.

  Carina Cortez is an aspiring actress and an experienced Teleprompter/Interrotron operator.  Her acting experience comes in handy.  She relates both to cast and crew.  Carina speaks Spanish and in any language convinces talent to relax and encourages them to try different tones, gestures etc.  The result is always a believable performance.  She is calm and steady.  Nothing ruffles her.      
Headshot of Eric Bujnowski waaring a baseball cap and red T shirt.

Eric Bujnowski, Cameraman, Teleprompter Operator

  Eric Bujnowski wears many hats.  His focus right now (no pun intended) is on being the best cameraman and Teleprompter operator.   He has worked in virtually every area of the motion picture industry.  He’s been a  gaffer, grip, DIT sound recordist and still photographer.  He’s always receptive to learning new things.  

Partial List of Teleprompter & Interrotron Operators in Manhattan

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