Teleprompting for Celebrities



Former President Bill Clinton
Secretary Hillary Clinton
Robert De Niro
Former First Lady Michelle Obama
Salma Hayek
Deepak Chopra
Erin Homlin
Arianna Huffington

Celebrity Teleprompting


Our professional prompter operators here at have extensive experience working with A-List talent, Fortune 500 executives, national and local politicians as well as exceptional people everywhere.

We have prompted at the United Nations, Madison Square Garden, Barclays, and in virtually every major movie market in the country.

Our teleprompter operators are at ease working with major talent.  Some are actors themselves and are comfortable with the movie/video production ethic.

Put simply… they know proper set decorum.

We know that your project is important and value your trust in us.  

So we believe in “redundancy”.

Our operators carry much more gear than they need.  Virtually every piece of equipment that could fail is duplicated.  We have doubles on virtually every item most especially anything to do with our Presidential Teleprompters and Interrotrons.

We’ve replaced old-fashioned VGA technology with new HDMI/HDSDI cables, splitters, amplifiers and connectors.  This enables us to do long runs with thin resilient cable. It lies flat and reduces the chance of someone tripping.

Also the signal in this new tech cable will travel several times further and still deliver a full strength image on the prompter screen.