Battery-powered High Bright Daylight Teleprompter Rental

Daylight, battery-powered Teleprompter setup - Central Park - Sonima promo.

Daylight, battery-powered Teleprompter – Central Park



NY Office: 212-219-1075  LA Office: 818-434-9660

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We offer a wide variety of prompting devices which do not require AC power.  They have extra bright monitors for better viewing in daylight and are battery-powered.

Normal prompter monitors are about 400  NITS, ours are 1700 NITS.  This makes it easier to view in bright sunlight.  However, care still must be taken to prevent light from falling directly onto the glass or monitor screen.

Annoyance can be avoided if your grip department can provide a C-Stand with a flag to shield the glass and screen.  Your prompting experience will be much better.

All batteries are very sensitive to the cold and run low much quicker in such weather.  In the best of all possible worlds, you will find a place nearby with AC power to recharge the extra batteries while your shoot is in progress.

This service is available in the New York metropolitan area and greater Los Angeles area.

We have two types of battery-powered units available:  the 12″ professional gold plate unit as well as the  21″ master series gold plate. (pictured above)


Our new ultra bright Master Series 21″  is the latest and greatest in prompting design and technology.


The Master Series  21″  can be read from as far as 23′ away.

To state the obvious – if you need to use a prompter outside or in a place where there are no electrical outlets, it’s imperative you use a unit like this.

Please call:

NY Office: 212-219-1075

Bill: 917-414-5489

Isabel: 646-340-6450


All our units have been adapted to be able to receive battery power.  -T

Note:  They also come with a battery so you don’t need miles of cable.Be sure to let us know as soon as you can if you’ll need a battery-powered unit.   It will ensure the operator will bring the right one.

Be sure to let us know as soon as you can if you’ll need a battery-powered unit.   It will ensure the operator will bring the right one. - Actress reading from teleprompter - Sonima promo.

Actress reading from Daylight Extra Bright Unit (Sonima promo).



In the summer a daylight teleprompter is often used at commencements, outdoor weddings, Sweet 16 parties, Bar Mitzvahs and especially at concerts.

Daylight battery-powered confidence monitors aka downstage monitors aka “rock ‘n roll monitors” are readily available.  Singers can easily see the lyrics and are then able to concentrate on performance and roam around the stage.


NY Office: 212-219-1075  LA Office: 818-434-9660

Call toll-free 1-800-811-7805 


Teleprompter Rental



Michael Gonzalez and Laura Williams in front of green screen

Michael Gonzalez and Laura Williams- Teleprompter Operators at


We pride ourselves in being prepared for any challenge.  You can rely on us to anticipate a problem and offer an immediate solution.  Call us and we will discuss at length how we can make your job run smoothly.


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Battery-powered Prompters are available in our New York and Hollywood facilities.


NY Office: 212-219-1075  – LA Office: 818-434-9660



Daylight Teleprompter battery-powered outside - foggy day - statue in background

Daylight Prompter



Battery-powered Teleprompter Rental

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