Teleprompter/AutoCue Rental


Our standard through-the-lens prompter is the AutoCue Professional Gold Plate.

The AutoCue Professional Unit is the most versatile model and is designed for studio, on-location, and outside broadcast applications.  It’s the first choice of professionals everywhere.


  • It has a 19″ HD monitor with a clear, sharp prompting image.
  • The AutoCue “gold plate unit”  is lightweight, slim and can easily be mounted to a pedestal using rods or to a tripod using our versatile 15 mm sliding gold plate system.  The Professional Series Teleprompter (PSP) easily moves back and forward to accommodate any size camera and lens combination.
  • The PSP has two gold plates.  One for the camera body and one to support the lens (if needed)  The gold plates accept both quarter-twenty and one-third mounting screws.
  • The PSP Gold Plate comes with a large and lightweight medium wide-angle hood. It has a considerably greater range of vertical movement than any other prompter on the market. This feature allows the DP  to shoot directly through the center of the mirrored glass without having to adjust the camera up or down.
  • Our PSP prompters are custom-made and come with “drive card technology” which produces a much more even scroll.  All monitors can reverse image on the monitor. This important function makes it easier for the talent to read the text given the smooth scrolling.

AutoCue Setup Above the Lens

Our Professional AutoCue Prompters can be rigged with the monitor just above the lens.  This way an extremely wide angle lens can be used without vignetting. The image on the left shows above-the-lens mounting.

Chloe Cameron, Prompter Speech Coach

We are happy to provide on-camera training either at your place of business, on set or in our Manhattan office.  Producers often request that we provide coaching for the talent to practice hours or days prior to the actual shoot.  Our professional coaches (usually trained actors) can be of enormous help in reducing stress and promoting a relaxed, more effective and compelling performance.

For more information please call Bill or Jocelyn at the above numbers.