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Standard Autocue/Teleprompter

$945 That’s per 10-hour day with a professional operator.


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    Standard Teleprompter and Operator

    Our Gold Plate MSP 12″ mounts the prompter to a tripod using our adjustable “Gold Plate System.”  It easily slides on a 15mm rail system with two sliding plates, one for the camera body and one for the lens.

     $945/Ten Hour Day

    The Autocue Professional Series 12″

    While we have both large and small teleprompters, our primary rental unit is the Autocue Professional Series 12″.

    It’s an extremely versatile and reliable machine designed for demanding “real world” broadcast studio and location shoots.

    The copy is clear and easily readable in bright sunlight. To do this, a monitor must produce a minimum of 1000 Nits (Nits is the industry’s brightness standard).  Our precision machines feature an outstanding 1600 Nits!

    This enables the camera body to move forward and backward to fit an Alexa, Red, F3 or any size camera (DV or ENG), even a small “prosumer model.” The rear of the Gold Plate rig holds one or more counterweights for use in balancing very lightweight cameras.

    If you are outside or away from AC power, our professional units can be powered from a battery pack (12v), which we can supply.  This makes the unit perfect for use in even the most difficult daylight, or location broadcast situation.

    Our machines include a lightweight hood for easy transport to the set.  It easily adjusts up or down to allow placing the lens to shoot through the exact center of the glass, with no need to adjust the camera


    We use the highest quality Gold Plate Professional units from Autocue.

    Unlikely though it may be, it’s still possible for something to go wrong!

    Connectors and cables may fail, so we always carry duplicates.

    Our rental service provides you with a critical, free service upgrade.  We call it  “Platinum Prompter Plan.”  In a word,  “redundancy”.   I’m using the word as it is used in engineering;  the inclusion of extra components that are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components: a high degree of redundancy is built into the machinery installation.

    Redundancy is the only reliable antidote to Murphy’s law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

    Your shoot is always “mission critical”.  To clarify:  This popular term is defined as:  an activity, device, service or system whose failure or disruption will cause a failure in business operations.

    The laptop could freeze.  We bring along another laptop.  It turns out to be a big bonus.  Consider the advantage.  You or your client can be modifying the script while the operator uses the other laptop to prompt.  Then, as the edit is finished, our operator can quickly switch to the second laptop.  Yes, we need an additional software license, but that’s part of what it takes to be a professional company.


    You need a teleprompter operated by a professional, trained, experienced operator.

    Why is it important to rent a professional machine?

    There are many different brands of prompters one can buy or rent.  It is even possible to build a DIY teleprompter from scratch or even prompt from an iPad or an iPhone.

    For a humorous journey through the history of teleprompting click here.

    So, why not do just that?

    Do-it-yourself prompters can be acceptable if you build them for one particular model camera.  Too many things can go wrong. Why risk embarrassment and alienating your client?

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