The X Prize Foundation is My Favorite Foundation


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If you don’t know what the X Prize Foundation is, I don’t know who you are.

Just kidding, but seriously the X Prize foundation is super cool. They take donations from around the world, and offer it up as a prize for finding solutions to major problems.

We got a call to run the Presidential Teleprompter for the presentation of the latest X Prize. The X Prize Foundation set the bar, who could create an Oil Spill cleanup device that could outperform the industry standard by more than double?

That is absolutely incredible. Teams from around the world submitted their ideas, 10 teams were chosen. Those teams then created their devices and sent them off to be tested.

You can read all about the event here:

I also got to meet and work with Robert K. Weiss, who is super awesome. He’s the Producer of ‘The Blues Brothers’ if you didn’t know, on top of other amazing comedies in film history. And he has been the President of the X PRIZE Foundation since July 2008.

Everything went super smoothly and it was a great event to witness.

Plus I knew the winner of the prize the day before hand, but proprietary knowledge is proprietary for a reason.

The X Prize is an amazing foundation, and I’m sure they will lead us into a brighter future.

The X Prize Foundation was founded in 1995 by Robert Weiss and Dr. Peter Diamandis

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