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Total cost: $695 for ten hours… delivered and operated by a trained, experienced prompter professional.


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Call Bill, Michael, Devin or Laura at 347-803-3235 for information and reservation.

It’s also called a “Speech Teleprompter” as it is used primarily for a speaker at a live event.  It consists of two glass plates (actually two partially silvered mirrors) with are suspended on upright thin metal rods on either side of the podium.


The text of the speech is projected from two LCD monitors at the base of each up onto the glass plates.  So the audience can see right through the glass with the type invisible to them.


They see only the speaker who appears to be looking right at them… maintaining perfect eye contact.


But the speaker clearly sees his/her speech scrolling there.


The prompter allows the speaker to look right at the audience rather than down at notes.  The two plates on each side allow the speaker to look both left and right to address the audience and yet at the same time clearly read the scrolling text.


We have extensive experience with teleprompting as is the #1 rated national teleprompter company with offices in virtually every major motion picture/video production market in the United States.


Call Bill, Michael, Devin or Laura at 347-803-3235 for more information and reservation.


It’s called the “Presidential”  because every president since Eisenhower has used one.


Presidential Prompter set up for Michelle Obama at


Presidential Teleprompter Rental Miami


We recently used our Presidential Units with Jeb Bush, Michelle Obama and Jo Biden as well as a host of foreign dignitaries and heads of state at the United Nations.


Here’s a partial list of the celebs we have prompted for.


good looking man and woman

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Call Bill, Michael, Devin or Laura at 347-803-3235 for information and reservation


While all professional teleprompting jobs require a trained professional operator, it’s especially important to have a very experienced professional operator/technician when using a presidential unit.


The reason lies in the nature of live production.  Thee are no “do-ovrs” no retakes.


There is a speaker on stage, often a celebrity and he/she is relying on smooth, flawless performance from the presidential prompter and its operator.


It’s vital that the prompter be thoroughly checked out in advance and the operator come with backups of everything that could go wrong.


Redundancy. Redundancy. Redundancy.


The presidential units works in a very interesting and unique fashion.


Basically there are two LCD monitors that lie flat on the ground or on a movable tray at the base of each one of the two glass panels .  The text on them is directed (reflected) upwards towards each class panel and the words from the Teleprompter appear on them so the audience cannot see them.


The audience basically looks right through the fully transparent glass at the talent and see is just a clear piece of glass if they see anything at all the talent looks left and right and sees the script scrolling bite at the proper speed.


Are professional Teleprompter software basically reverses the words on the monitors so that there in the correct format when the talent looks at the two glass panels


Redundancy is essential in a mission critical event like a live performance.


Your total cost: $695 for ten hours delivered and operated by a trained, experienced prompter professional.


We also have available Robotic Presidential Units.  These allow remote height adjustment of the glass panels.  This is important when there are several speakers of varying heights.   So this eliminates the ned for assistants to run out on stage and adjust the height of each panel for each speaker.  However, in most cases this is not a big problem as each speaker just looks up a bit or down a bit.

It is a problem, however when there is a huge discrepancy in the heights of the speakers.  Call for pricing.


We also have the EyeDirect and iPad teleprompter units for rent in Miami.

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We can also supply a standard teleprompter with an experienced operator.

Call Bill, Michael, Devin and Laura at 347-803-3235 for information and reservation.


Please check Teleprompter Rental Miami for more information regarding our local prompter options and availability.


Presidential Teleprompter Rental Miami

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