A Presidential Prompter for President Bill Clinton?

Yes, we will gladly do that job. We’re Fans of Bill Clinton.

Who do they call when they need a prompter for Donna Karan and President Bill Clinton? They call us the best and they call us often.  I enjoy the speech prompter in theory.  It’s a great device and extremely helpful to the talent.  But unlike the regular teleprompter, when you prompt a speech the HEAT is on.  If something happens to go wrong, there is nothing that can be done.  On a regular prompter you can just call cut.  No such luck on the speech prompter.  Luckily we use such high quality equipment that I’ve never had that problem.  I have to deal with the stress, and my heart doesn’t appreciate it, but after it’s over there is a lot of relief and joy.  We got called up by Donna Karan’s people to prompt for her Charity for Haiti event.  Donna did a lot of work on her speech, and even when she did give her speech, she was so full of energy and passion, that she pretty much winged the whole thing.  Dr. Oz gave us his notes, which I formatted into bullet points to guide him.  They gave us confirmation that President Bill Clinton was going to be giving a speech.  I got very excited.  I was a kid when he was president, and Bill Clinton is a name synonymous with good times, childhood, and peace.   The producers were unsure whether or not President Clinton would send a speech or not, but I was on hand in case they did.  Unfortunately the President just winged his speech.  In the middle of his speech his phone rang, much to the audiences enjoyment.  It was Hilary.  He answered it saying, “Hey, I’m giving my speech at Donna Karan’s thing.  Yep.  Love you. Bye.  She says hey.”  Everyone laughed and he got right back on his speech.  After it was all over, secret service cleared the back, one of the producers and I waited patiently, and President Bill Clinton shook my hand.

President Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the USA and co-founder of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

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