Marlo Thomas, Television Icon and  Teleprompter Pro

Mondays with Marlo shoots in Ms. Thomas’ 5th Ave Penthouse

Marlo Thomas likes me. There I said it, be jealous. Rarely do you get to work in someone’s home, and when you do, you might expect to be treated like a stranger. Not so at the 5th Ave Penthouse of Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue.

I got set up, went over the script, set up the text to Ms. Thomas’ preferences, and we got to work. She is a very hard working lady, very professional, but she also know s what she wants, and will have it no other way.

Some might take that attitude of being a diva, but I understood where she was coming from, and so I just did exactly what she wanted, and bam! We had a great shoot, and everyone was happy.

If you aren’t used to being fluid with different personalities, prompting will not be a job for you. After the shoot, Marlo asked me if I was hungry, like your best friend’s mom would ask, or your aunt. “Jarrett are you hungry? You look like you could eat. Have something to eat.” Ummmm, sure. . . . It was only a little something, but the gesture made me feel right at home.

Being welcomed back there to work is always a pleasure, plus I can brag to my Dad that Marlo Thomas likes me.

Jarrett 1, My Old Man probably a million. At it’s one point. . .

We can both agree that Marlo is one classy lady.

Marlo Thomas is the daughter of TV Legend Danny Thomas and is a TV star in her own right.

Marlo Thomas is Great on Teleprompter

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