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Erin Carter, Teleprompter Operator & Speech Coach

Some days you just get to be a part of a shoot set in Paris

But that Paris shoot, actually takes place in NYC.

Mobile Apps are a growing business, how often do you use Urban Spoon or Tweetdeck?

We all love free apps, but when one costs only a few dollars and is sold to millions of users, the innovators of the new generation get to keep innovating!

We were shooting a commercial for an app that lets you organize your LIFE right over the phone, and not by typing, but by talking.

I know SIRI is new to us all, and I firmly believe it will revolutionize the way we interact with technology, whether in NYC or Paris.

This app uses voice recognition software to do whatever you need it to. Buying flight tickets to Paris? Got it. Need to change the time last minute so you don’t miss your flight? All over it. Need to transfer funds from multiple bank accounts while you are enjoying gay Paris? Done and Done.

I know what you’re thinking. That sounds incredibly dangerous! Won’t some cyber criminal steel my identity?

Here’s the thing, this app only responds to YOUR voice. Your voice is your password. Voices are quite unique, not exactly finger prints, but close enough for this app.

Pretty amazing, whether you are in Oklahoma or Paris.

Mobile apps are revolutionizing the world; Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, and beyond.


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