Michael Gonzalez, Producer/Talent/ Webcasting Executive/ Teleprompter Camera Operator for AMC.

Michael Gonzalez,Producer/Talent/ Webcasting Executive/ Teleprompter Camera Operator for AMC.


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That’s How We Roll!

On behalf of The American Movie Company I was on the road again.   This time, I was accompanied by the Interrotron Mark IV.

I just returned from that incredible trip which spanned New York, Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California.

No, it was not a much deserved vacation. You might have assumed that, if you are among those familiar with my blogs.


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I had one very serious and intense week as an Interrotron Operator for KPMG, one of the largest audit, tax and advisory firms in the world.  We visited several of their headquarters.





I flew out with a high profile and in demand film crew.  I was hired by and worked most closely with Shane Sigler, an extremely talented Director of


He has been the DP for commercials for Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and Johnson and Johnson.   He was also the DP for some of Michael Moore’s documentaries.


I highly recommend checking out his DP reel at www.ShaneSigler.com.


I also worked with the highly respected and sought after producer, Adrienne Giebel.  She and Shane form an unbeatable team. They work well together. I had the singular pleasure of being near them.  I learned so much from them both.


Teleprompter with professional camera and monitors

Interrotron Rental NYC


Adrienne brought together KPMG’s very important executives and clients to discuss the job entrusted to them. She coordinated such meetings with other producers and with the creative director effectively, with the assurance of a seasoned professional. She has that uncanny ability to make everyone feel unique and valued.


I also had the privilege of working side by side with the creative director, Sam Erickson.  It was with him that I worked closely on a daily basis. At the beginning of the shoot I would set up the Interrotron for him, for the director’s unit.


The goal was to create the director’s unit setup with great care. Attention was paid to every detail. We were precise and careful, in a word, meticulous. We were to create the most conducive and optimal view to put the interviewees at ease and communicate well with them.


Remember that I wasn’t just working with any director. Sam Erickson is the owner of Arcade Creative Group, a Sony Music Company.  He is the famed and tireless on-demand director who travels the world interviewing some of the biggest Sony Artists not only for films but also for those popular and revealing behind the scenes tours. He has spoken to everyone worthy of a deeper look. I will mention two that stand out.


Mr. Erickson has interviewed perhaps the most visible and ubiquitous mega pop star, Bono, who has from the early days of U2 used his music as a platform for social change.


The other is current hip hop sensation, Pharrell Williams, whose popularity is owed to his multi talent as a singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician and yes, as a fashion designer.  My hat is off to him!


Before I was able to come along on this important adventure across the US, I had an  interview about the technical aspects of the job with Shane Sigler at our American Movie Studios in Tribeca, New York City.


Shane was shooting on a Red Epic Camera with a long zoom lens. I was able to accommodate Shane’s heavy camera and long zoom lens with the correct 17 inch sliding mounting plate, with an optimal dove tail and the correct long camera screws. This provided the highest stability for all his camera movements during the interviews he recorded. I also showed Shane the heavy duty and durable 50 inch SDI cables I had ordered for the connection from one teleprompter unit to the other. I also provided a very reliable Panasonic HMC 150 Camera and Small HD monitor for the director’s teleprompter unit with which he was impressed. After about an hour of set up and breakdown for our technical run through, we both felt very comfortable and looked forward to the trip across the US. We were a go!


Our first destination was KPMG’s headquarters in downtown Dallas, Texas. I had never been to Dallas
 before so I didn’t quite know what to expect. The people were very kind, the city was clean and welcoming.  (It was impossible to forget that it was here that JFK was assassinated.)  Our team did 20 interviews successfully. The clients interviewed in Dallas ranged from interns to high level financial advisors in the company. They were asked about their life growing up and how they found their way to KPMG. The point of the videos was to showcase KPMG as an approachable, friendly, family based company that really cares about their employees. The interviews conducted by our creative director, Sam Erickson, really reflected that idea.

Interestingly enough, I was told that the plan was to take these videos and edit them into a small film. In the months ahead it will be shown in San Francisco, the world headquarters. It will also be seen by the 26,000 people that KPMG employs across America.


After our shoot was completed at the Dallas headquarters, we went back to our hotel, the beautiful downtown Fairmont, and we got ready for a celebration dinner.


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The crew was invited to a famous BBQ joint called, Sonny Bryants. Check out the picture below!


Michael Gonzalez with Director Sam Erickson, at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse BBQ in Dallas, Texas.

Director Sam Erickson and Michael Gonzalez, at Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse BBQ in Dallas, Texas

I did some excellent networking there with our clients and had a very memorable evening and dined on local delicacies, delicious baby back ribs, fried okra and mac and cheese!


We were up at 5AM the next day and flew Virgin Airlines to San Francisco for our final round of interviews.


Lugging around two heavy Pelican cases with my Interrotron Mark IV equipment was no easy task but thankfully TSA didn’t damage the equipment and we were good to go once again.

It's not easy flying around American with so much camera and Interrotron gear!

It’s not easy flying around the USA with so much camera and Interrotron gear!


KPMG’s headquarters in San Francisco are housed in a beautiful building. All involved were incredibly friendly and professional.

And so I am happy to say that the California shoot was a complete success. Under the auspices of the American Movie Company, another 18 interviews were done using the Interrotron Mark IV. We all felt a great sense of accomplishment.

I will keep in touch with this wonderful crew. It was an honor and a privilege 
to work so closely with the such a range of talented people, DP’s, creative directors and producers.

The Interrotron Mark IV rolls on… this time across America!

I look forward to my next adventure and blogging about it.

Until then!


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