It is widely known that President Obama uses the teleprompter with some frequency.

Recently, at work I was reminded of it.

If there is one  industry at odds with the powers that be, it would be the oil industry.  And no one personifies this distrust of the White House and its policies more than an oil executive who was speaking in front of my teleprompter.
This man is on the boards of several oil companies, including the company that helped cap the BP oil spill in the Gulf last year.
As he sat down to deliver his lines for a film project, he looked into the teleprompter and stated with confidence, “If President Obama can do it, so can I.”  We were all amused.  But, he amazed me and everyone in the room.  He nailed his lines without a hitch and we were out of there in less than two hours.

Everyone in the room including the talent loved the gold plate teleprompter.

This gentleman proved that the President isn’t the only teleprompter pro!

People are getting more and more comfortable speaking in public with the help of the teleprompter.  It’s great for me – I love to work!

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