Nick Cannon a super pro-reading from the Teleprompter.

Got to rock out a  teleprompter gig at Nickelodeon in the Viacom building today.

As a kid who grew up with Nick, it was a dream come true to walk around where they produce children/teen entertainment.

Problems always seem to arrive with teleprompting, so being prepared is the only way to be.  One of my other operators had told me that the monitor on this particular unit had been acting up.  His educated guess was that it was the power supply.  So to be prepared I took an extra 12volt supply with me, just in case.

As it turned out, it was not the power supply that was the issue, but the power board inside the monitor.  Luckily for me, our other monitor was just a phone call away, and within half an hour one hand-delivered replacement monitor was on the prompter and we were good to go.

Nick Cannon was a super pro on the teleprompter.  He was very reserved when he entered the room, but once the camera got rolling, his charisma blasted the room.  He nailed the script, a flawless performance, which was even more impressive since he had never read it until that moment.

After an early arrival, a faulty teleprompter monitor, and then waiting for talent; a 12-minute shoot was a breath of fresh air.  I packed up and out into the chaos of Times Square with the warm glow of Nickelodeon on my face.  Nothing could ruin that.

Problems with the teleprompter happen, but we are prepared to solve them quickly and professionally.

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