Had an interesting teleprompter gig: Neutrogena

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It was your basic Presidential Prompter gig:  set up, find a place to station myself, double check the script. The doctors sorta knew how to use the teleprompter, but they often went off script.  I just had to move forward and wait for them to catch up. This would have been impossible without the help of the assistant producer. But the harrowing “almost lost” feeling for me wasn’t what made it interesting.


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What made it interesting was what Neutrogena is trying to accomplish.


To me, Neutrogena is just facial cleanser.  That iconic amber bar.  It has a very specific smell, clean and fresh.  It also reminds me of being a teen struggling with acne.  But I digress. This gig was very positive and thought provoking.


Neutrogena is trying to expand its brand.  It’s already known for good cleansers, but they also have a line of skin protection products as well.  That may not be new to you, but it may be new if you are Latino.


Neutrogena is reaching out the Latino/Hispanic community to raise awareness of skin cancer.  Many people in these communities grow up believing that, since they have darker skin, that they are less likely to get skin cancer.

This is incorrect.  In fact, Latinos share the same percentage of the population as Caucasians.

Neutrogena is expanding its markets and marketing with skin health being its main target.

That’s pretty awesome.

As a child I learned about this devastating disease.  My mother had a rare form of cancer.  Sadly,  I know, first hand, how serious this is.  I know how much of a lack of awareness exists out there, even among the most educated of communities.

Just in case you need the info, here:

Cancer is an ugly disease with many variations, some slow, some fast, all bad.  There is no good cancer.
There are preventable cancers, though, and skin cancer is among the easiest to control.

Here’s how to avoid it:  Use Sun Screen.

Yep.  Use SPF 15+

I’m a ginger, so I never use under SPF 30, because the other wouldn’t do any good.

Neutrogena is reaching out to all the beautiful caramel ladies (and men, don’t feel left out), and urging you to protect your skin.

But you don’t have to just protect it, you can use Neutrogena products to nourish your skin. Feel softer, healthier, sexier.  This is the perfect way to approach this.  Don’t just scare people with cancer.  Hit the solution with a double front.  Not only will you stop cancer, but you’ll be treating yourself to spa-like luxury.

You may not in the past have bought “luxuries” for yourself thinking it’s a waste of money, but now you have the perfect excuse:  Protection!


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Be sure to check out Neutrogena’s products, they have health in mind!


And for your next  Presidential Teleprompter Rental call Eva at 212-219-1075 or 818-434-9660


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