The MTV Iggy show. It’s very Iggy


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Erin Carter, Teleprompter Operator & Speech Coach

I’m still not sure what Iggy is, but it’s cool.

We’ve been working this show for a little while now, but sadly for me, it’s been another operator. Boo!

That’s alright, we gotta share the love. Plus what if I’m sick? Or what if I move? The other teleprompter operators are great, and I feel completely comfortable leaving things in their capable hands.

Anyway back to the Iggy.

What is Iggy? It’s an awesome show bringing great music from around the world to listeners here in the USA. Music like: K-pop, Norwegian heavy metal, Bollywood and Brazilian baile funk. Really cool stuff.

I don’t know much about any of this type of music. I have a hard time keeping up with the American charts, but feel very comfortable just popping in the The Beatles. What? They are the greatest band of all time!

If I was a teenager, I think this show would reach out to me. I was never really into what everyone else was listening to, and didn’t pay much attention to MTV. Carson Daily on TRL got tiresome. You’d wait and wait for the number one requested video and it would play with the credits and almost always went unfinished due to air time. Also you can only take so much of teenagers screaming. Carson Daily was a grown man! How did he handle this?


Anyways, I would have been more interested in what kids around the world were listening to, not so much in a hipster “oh, I knew them before they were big” kind of way, but in a “This Korean group is awesome! Check it out!” and blast that through the school parking lot.

Look, this is nuts:


The host would have helped teenaged me watch more as well. Carson Daily was alright, but Heather Holliday is something else!

She’s kinda tiny. And kinda hot.

She is a sword swallower and fire eater. What’s not to love?

I’m sure 15 year old me would be infatuated, much to the frustration of my parents.

Heather reads off the prompter rather well for being new to the skill. She took my suggestions and definitely smoothed out her read. I’ll take fresh talent who is a little unsure and will take suggestions over old talent who have bad attitudes any day!

This shoot was lots of fun, great small crew, and a very cool subject matter.

You should give the Iggy show a shot, you may just find something you think is really great!

The MTV Iggy Show segments airs throughout the day on MTV & MTVU


Eva Guevara, LA Speech Coach at

Eva Guevara, LA Speech Coach & Teleprompter Operator

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