Mike Huckabee Tackles online education.

And he is in support! Did Mike Huckabee surprise you? He shouldn’t

I worked a short spot for Mike Huckabee.

He and I do not share many of the same opinions, but that is no reason for us to not get along. I know I’m just the teleprompter op, but I believe that everyone deserves, at least, professional respect.

Mike Huckabee fits that mold. He is professional, open, and friendly. Might that have changed had he found out I was a liberal through and through? I doubt it. He truly believes what he says, so he has convictions. I just wish we shared a few of those, he impressed me that much. However it will take more to sway my political opinion.

Being a popular pundit and former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee has limited time. He came in the room, we were set and ready to go. Introductions went all around, interview and teleprompting spots ensued.

Pretty standard shoot, no problems, the monitor was nice and bright, and my scrolling (of course) smooth and even. Mr. Huckabee did say something interesting. The spot was for Christians looking to further their education online. He said that he can’t stand the idea of someone being a Christian and not being educated. That the idea of denying education because you are a Christian is insulting. From his perspective, God created all knowledge, so why would you deny learning about His creation?

I found that quite refreshing.

Mr. Huckabee read off the prompter cold, and nailed each spot. I was quite impressed with his ability to adlib within a script that he had never seen.

While I would be hard pressed to find myself voting for him, or even agreeing with many of his positions, I definitely have professional respect for Mr. Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee currently provides commentary for Fox News

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