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Marlo Thomas takes on different issues of children’s heath.

I get the pleasure of working with Marlo Thomas often. She’s quite a lady. TV Star of my parent’s generation: the beautiful “That Girl”.

I often end up prompting for Marlo for her show Mondays with Marlo on But we also cover her St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital videos.

St. Jude’s is an amazing organization started by Marlo’s father, the Legendary Danny Thomas. Generally they focus on childhood diseases but this time they are adding in a new topic.

Childhood suicide.

It is a horrible trend which has been growing since I was in middle school. I understand being picked on mercilessly and not getting any help. Adults at best ignored the problem, and at worst just summed it up to “bullying”. It was not taken seriously, and I remember considering suicide myself. Luckily I had a strong network of family and friends who cared for me, otherwise I definitely would have felt alone and might not be here today.

In more recent times, the bullying has escalated, and children feeling quite along, are taking matters into their own hands.

It’s incredibly sad that it took till now for “bullying” to be taken seriously.

But thank goodness it is.

Marlo Thomas and St. Jude have hopped on board to tackle this serious issue.

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