Presidential Teleprompter Rental: Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire Teleprompter Rental

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$995 Ten Hour Day Rental, Operator Included

Presidential Teleprompter Rental New Hampshire.

Speech Prompter Rental

The Perfect Prompter For Public Speakers

The Presidential Teleprompter with its dual glass paddles is the number one choice for politicians and other speakers. It allows the speaker to read the text from the glass panels while simultaneously engaging with the audience. It is invisible to the audience and ensures that the speaker gives a natural performance.

Find out why is the the nation’s top Teleprompter Service.

With locations in over 50 major cities nationwide and in Canada, we are the go-to Prompter Service for all productions.


Robotic / Rise & Fall Presidential Teleprompter Rental

Presidential Teleprompter Rental New Hampshire

Teleprompter Rental New Hampshire 

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Manchester, New Hampshire Teleprompter Rental Options

The Standard Teleprompter Rental NH

Standard Teleprompter Rental (AutoCue)

Standard Teleprompter Rental (AutoCue)

This is a through-the-lens unit that allows the speaker to read a script while looking directly at the camera.  It is the most basic most widely used tool for those public speakers who need a bit of help.  Rather than memorize lines the person can concentrate on delivery.

This is the right Teleprompter for you if:

Your speaker needs to speak directly to the camera lens.

This truly is the basic teleprompter your video production needs.


The Interrotron Rental NH

Interrotron Rental (Double Unit Interview Prompter)

Interrotron Rental (Double Unit Interview Prompter)

The Interrotron is a modified version of a teleprompter. Instead of seeing a script projected in front of the camera, the talent sees the director/interviewer, creating a “face to face” interaction between the two.  Talent then tends to relax and a more natural conversation ensues.

This is the right Teleprompter for you if:

You are shooting an interview with untrained talent.

The interrotron is excellent for getting authentic performances on camera. 


The Confidence Monitor Rental NH

Confidence Monitor (AKA Downstage Monitor)

Confidence Monitor (AKA Downstage Monitor)

The Confidence Monitor is an alternative to the speech prompter setup. This is used at live events where the speaker may prefer to walk around the stage rather than stand still at the podium. These monitors can be placed at strategic places around the venue to allow for easy access to the script and total mobility for the performer.

This is the right Teleprompter for you if:

It’s a live event and the speaker, singer or performer needs to move about the stage.

You can get this rental in various monitor setups as needed for your event.


The EyeDirect Rental NH

EyeDirect Rental (No Operator Needed)

EyeDirect Rental (No Operator Needed)

The EyeDirect functions like the Interrotron in that both talent and director are able to see each other. This device, however, is more portable, easy to use and requires no AC power. This is not suggested for shots with camera movement as it utilizes a mirror system.

This is the right Teleprompter for you if:

You’re shooting on location and need a portable teleprompter that works for interviews.

The EyeDirect can be shipped worldwide.


The Ipad Prompter Rental NH

iPad Prompter Rental

IPad Prompter Rental 

The iPad Teleprompter is a great tool for small shoots with extensive travel and/or tight budgets. It can easily fit inside a laptop case and sets up in less than two minutes. It sits on a small light stand or low C-stand (typical 750 stud) not included.

It is important to note that most iPad software do not allow for live script scroll adjustment, so talent must follow along with the iPad, rather than going at their own natural pace. iPad software that does allow adjustments (via Bluetooth) often lag by a few seconds.

This is the right Teleprompter for you if:

You’re shooting a low budget production and need a portable teleprompter that can work with a prosumer camera.

The Ipad Prompter Rental can be shipped worldwide.


Manchester, New Hampshire Presidential Teleprompter

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