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I have to start by stating a fact: Liam Neeson is one of my heroes. It is a very rare occasion when you get to work with one of your heroes. Let alone working with them twice. And when that hero remembers you from several months before, it’s amazing.

I had worked with Liam on a week long project, which I signed an NDA, and so cannot discuss what it was, but I can say, that it’s going to be AWESOME!

This Wednesday, I was fortunate to visit Liam Neeson’s office, which I think he used to live in, but it’s hard to tell. Not that he lived in an office, but that his office once was a living space. ANYWAYS that’s not important.

I was prompting for the Northern Ireland government essentially. They asked Liam to do a video clip for them, and he whole heartedly agreed.

Using his powerful and famous voice, he brought attention to the fact that Northern Ireland is a very creative nation. That video, film, television, art, and video games are all being created and produced in his home state.

It was a nice clip, and I could feel Liam’s pride while he was describing the artisans and entrepreneurship of Northern Ireland.

It’s a nice change of pace. Unfortunately negative news tends to draw more attention, and so the Troubles of Northern Ireland are first in our minds. This focused on the positive, and how Life still exists and continues to make the world better. I quite appreciated it, and I could tell Liam Neeson did too.


Liam Neeson shot his scenes for the hit British musical War of The Worlds at The American Movie Studios in NYC.


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