How to Read a Teleprompter

 Teleprompter Training

It’s long been obvious that the teleprompter is not a cure for an ill prepared speaker.


It is essential for the “talent” to work with a  professional teleprompter operator as much in advance as time will allow.   Failing that, it is so important to go over the material and learn to pronounce all the works correctly.  This is especially important for difficult proper names.  

Even a great politician comes off as a fool if he/she mispronounces the name of an individual.  And if that individual is well known, the mispronunciation is even more inexcusable.  


The Reverend Al Sharpton has been an effective politician in New York for decades.  That is why it was particularly troubling to see him recently do such a sloppy reading of the names of public figures.  And… that’s not all – he can’t even pronounce Latvia!  Shocking! coming from such a seasoned politician.  Again, you can rely on the teleprompter to guide you, but you must bring something to the table – prior preparation and pride!



Clearly, the Reverend isn’t the only sinner!  The point is simple – be prepared.

Be familiar with the teleprompter.


 can provide telprompter training in the two critical areas:e

1.  Executive Speech Coaching.    Our Executive Speech Coaches will work with you on your speech before a professional  Presidential Prompter.

2.  Teleprompter Training. For those wishing to become Teleprompter Operators, we will train you for this lucrative profession.

How To Read a Teleprompter





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