Listec Portable iPhone Teleprompter

Really Cheap Teleprompter Rental

For use with most DSLRs and small ENG cameras


Call NYC 212-219-1075  |  Miami 305-498-2099 |  LA 818-434-9660   


For really, really cheap teleprompter rental try the “Parrot Prompter”


IPad Teleprompter Rental at

IPad Teleprompter Rental


  • Handheld or Tripod Mount
  • Easy to assemble and dis-assemble
  • Use Droid as Prompting Source
  • Use iPhone, iPod Touch as Source
  • Includes Software
  • Innovative design
  • Remote Control Unit included.
  • Impressive amount of adaptors (9 Lens Adapters)
  • Solid Protective Carry Case.
  • Lightweight Ships easily.
  • Very inexpensive rental.
  • Bluetooth keyboard 
  • Readable to 12′
  • Professional beam splitter glass
  • Fits small lenses (30mm to 58mm)
  • It has two scroll buttons on the side of the remote for the on-air talent to use to move stuff around
  • It also has a touchpad
  • Easy to set-up; easy to use.
  • Great for run and gun shooting!
  • Comes with iPhone!


Works with:

iPhone 4, 5 & 6, , Samsung Galaxy S4.


Works with most small cameras including:

  • Canon HF G10
  • Canon 5D
  • Canon XA10




Listec Portable iPhone Teleprompter rental at

Listec Portable iPhone Prompter

Incompatibility Issues:

Incompatible with:  SG NOTE III, JVC GZ EX 515BU,EX1, EX3, JVC GY150U, and Magnus V300 Tripod.

Included software works best using an the Mac platform ie ipod, iphone, ipad.

The included remote, which is not very user-friendly. The knobs at the side should allow the text to scroll in either direction but that’s not how it worked. In fact, those knobs have no effect. To scroll text, we needed to hold down Fn and W or Fn and S.

Phone size limitations: not wider than 3″ and the height is No longer than 4″.

Note:  Cameras with interchangeable lenses (such as a canon T2i, 60D, etc) won’t auto zoom/focus with the iPad prompter attached.   This because the Listec prompter attaches directly to the end of the lens and weighs it down so that the lens won’t automatically turn for zooming or focusing.

Listec Portable TiPhone eleprompter at

Listec Portable iPhone Teleprompter




Listec iPad teleprompter on Canon Camera by

Listec iPad teleprompter on Canon Camera




Listec iPad teleprompter in use

iPad Teleprompter Front View

Listec Portable iPhone Teleprompter


Before you rent a “cheap teleprompter” please call  917-414-5489 for more information.


iPhone Teleprompter Rental

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