EyePrompter Rental

EyePrompter is a teleprompting device used in video production and public speaking. It consists of a reflective glass panel placed in front of the camera lens that reflects script text, allowing the speaker to read their lines while maintaining eye contact with the audience.

The EyePrompter can be used in a wide range of situations, including corporate events, live presentations, etc. It can boost a speaker’s confidence and save time during the recording or filming process.

EyePrompter Rental Teleprompter Rental

EyePrompter Rental  IPad Teleprompter – Sets up on the light stand in front of the lens.



$95 per day – $750 week

Optional $25 iPad with Teleprompter software


Eyeprompter Benefit

Improved Performance

EyePrompter assists the speaker in delivering their lines more smoothly and accurately, resulting in a more polished and professional performance.


The speaker doesn’t have to memorize their lines when using EyePrompter, which saves time during recording or filming and eliminates the need for multiple takes due to forgotten lines or missed cues.

Better Eye Contact

EyePrompter shows the text of a script on a glass panel in front of the camera lens. This lets the speaker read their lines while keeping eye contact with the audience or camera. 

Increased Confidence

Because the speaker does not have to worry about forgetting their lines, using EyePrompter can boost their confidence and reduce anxiety.


EyePrompter is useful at corporate events, live presentations, interviews, and video productions, among other places. 

EyePrompter Build from Steve McWilliams on Vimeo

Watch the video on Vimeo to see how the EyePrompter sets up and folds back.


Apps for iPad AutoCue Recommended by EyeDirect

PrompterPal (iPad only- $6.49 App Store) and Prompter Remote (iPhone/iPad – Free)

Control Ipad AutoCue from your iPhone. Scroll speed, rewind, reset, speed control etc.

Upload pre-written script or type it directly into PrompterPal

Adjustable font size, speed, color, and many other options

Andrew Hebert
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