EyePrompter / Rental


$95 per day / $750 week

Optional $25 iPad with Teleprompter software

Sets up in 1 minute 11 seconds.




EyePrompter Rental Teleprompter Rental

EyePrompter Rental  IPad Teleprompter – Sets up on the light stand in front of the lens.


  • Apps for iPad Autocue recommended by EyeDirect are PrompterPal (iPad only- $6.49 App Store) and Prompter Remote  (iPhone/iPad – Free)

  • Control Ipad Autocue from your iPhone.  Scroll speed, rewind, reset, speed control etc.

  • Upload pre-written script or type it directly into PrompterPal.

  • Adjustable font size, speed, color, and many other options.

Important: Please watch the video on Vimeo to see how the EyePrompter sets up and folds back.