iPad Teleprompter Rental


iKan Pro iPad Prompter with Bluetooth Remote in Pelican Case


$145 Day  $450 Week

iPad with software $25 Day . $75 Week

iPad Elite Pro Features



  • iPad Mount Compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad 4
  • Includes Elements 15mm Rod Based System
  • Lightweight & Adjustable
  • Easy Set-Up
  • High Quality 70/30 Prompter Glass
  • Designed For Small to Mid-Size cameras (riser included for DSLR’s)
  • Compatible With Any iPad Teleprompter Software Application (Software and iPad Not Included)
  • If your order our iPad with it, $25, it comes with software.
Ikan Prompter
iKan iPad Prompter
Ikan Prompter
iKan Prompter - Remote
Ikan Teleprompter Kit
IPad Elite Pro manual page 1
IPad Elite Pro manual page 1
IPad Elite Pro manual page 2 - diagram
Ipad Elite Pro Manual Page 3
iKan iPad Prompter Manual page 4
iKan iPad Manual page 5
iKan Contact Details
iPad Universal Remote Manual page
iPad Universal Remote Manual page 2
  • Apps for iPad AutoCue recommended by EyeDirect are PrompterPal (iPad only- $6.49 App Store) and Prompter Remote  (iPhone/iPad – Free)

  • Control iPad AutoCue from your iPhone.  Scroll speed, rewind, reset, speed control etc.

  • Upload pre-written script or type it directly into PrompterPal.

  • Adjustable font size, speed, color, and many other options.

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