Interrotron and Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is used to different kinds of jobs, especially when they’re in the entertainment industry.

Last week Charles Barkley found himself in the strange position of staring into my teleprompter and seeing a face of someone looking right back at him back at him.


Candice Armond LA Prompter OP at

Candice Armond LA Prompter OP


This is what the interrotron brings to the table in the teleprompter world.


Black and red logo for the Interrotron Mark III HD

Interrotron Mark III HD

Interrotron technology was first developed by famed documentary director, Errol Morris  He used it on several of his documentary film shoots and it’s made its way to the teleprompter world where it’s used for talent to be asked questions directly while on set. It allows the director to keep the talent in the stop where they’ve been throughout the shoot and not break Image of camera and tripod with the talent unit of the Interrotron mark III HD

Interrotron Mark III


It also allows the client to view what the director and camera operator sees and what the audience will see.

What happened was , with the Interrotron, Charles Barkley was just  himself, very relaxed as he now just has a natural conversation with the director.

The set up was this.  One unit of the Interrotron was on the main Red Camera which was shooting Barkley.  The other smaller camera was mounted on a second teleprompter which was on a tripod off stage in video village.  So instead of staring into a cold camera lens, Charles Barkley looked at and talked with the director.  They had a nice, informal, relaxed conversation.


The eye lines were perfect.  The director know at avery moment not only the perfect framing and lighting for his shot but exactly what he was getting. So there was no wasted time.  No time consuming, energy draining, retakes.

As a result of using my Interrotron, (actually The American Movie Company Interrotron)  we wrapped two hour sooner than anticipated and I was off to my favorite club and getting outside several dirty martinis. The dirtier the better.

This is a “win win” for all involved, the Interrotron is here to stay.Give me, Candice, a call at (917)-414-5489 to arrange an Interrotron Rental here in LA.


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